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Write Fabulous Articles for Publication Far and Wide

Aug 17, 2007
Writing great articles for publication all over the Web is a very effective way to get your name and links out there. There are several things you can do to increase your publication possibilities.

First off, you want to hook publishers and readers with a great title. Make it focused and compelling. Which of these articles are you more likely to read: "Weeding and Fertilizing Your Garden" or "Five Easy Ways to Make Your Garden Explode with Color?" Yeah, it really is a no-brainer.

Right in line with having a 'grab-em-by-the-lapels' title is creating a description that makes publishing and reading your article irresistible. Come up with a few great lines that correspond directly to your article's content in a compelling way. This is your article's introduction so make a great first impression to keep them reading. Learning to write great titles and descriptions takes a little practice, but it is some of the most valuable time you'll ever spend.

Just writing a great title and description isn't enough. Your content has to deliver what publishers and readers across the Net want: unique, accurate, helpful content that is relevant to their wants and needs. Slapping your name on a tired old PLR (private label rights) article won't get you far. Come up with something interesting and original if you want to make a name for yourself out there and attract people to your site. This isn't as challenging as it may sound to you.

Write about your passion. Most people love to talk about things they're passionate about. And to keep it conversational, just "talk" on paper. In fact, an effective way to write engaging articles is to pretend you're just chatting with a friend. This will help you avoid sounding too stiff and formal.

While you're writing, or after you've finished, look at the way one paragraph connects with another. Internet surfers are often in a hurry and there are thousands of distractions trying to pull them away from your articles. Keep them reading by connecting one paragraph to the other with relevant information. To learn how to do this, read some articles you find compelling and notice how the writer helps one paragraph flow into another with connecting words and phrases.

None of these strategies will really help, though, unless you provide genuinely interesting material that helps the reader understand something better, gives useful advice or offers something else of value to the reader. Writing without thought to whether the reader will ever become a customer will help you focus and come up with useful content. Even though you may be writing articles purely with the purpose of marketing in mind, you are still an author.

Write as you imagine any author who is creating an article for a magazine or newspaper would write. You'd be shocked to find a blatant promotion of a product within a typical magazine article, right? You'd also question the writer's integrity and wonder what he or she had to profit from the endorsement.

Avoid arousing these types of suspicions in your readers by writing genuine, informative articles. Keeping the reader's interests in mind will help you serve your own interests as well.
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