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Spotting and Avoiding Common Online Marketing Campaign Killing Errors

Aug 17, 2007
You invest a lot of time in your online marketing campaign. You're doing all the right things, getting your name out to all the right places. But you're still not seeing the results you had hoped for. Are you sure you're not killing your own campaign? Don't squash it before it gets off the ground. Check yourself by reviewing these common online marketing campaign mistakes so you can steer clear of them.

Yes, you write and submit articles to increase your exposure, get more links back to your site, raise your page rank and get into the top ten in Google's and Yahoo's search results. So that means you need to sell yourself, right? Wrong. Article marketing is not advertising. Write articles with the reader in mind. Publishers are looking for articles that deliver fresh, relevant, informative content to their readers. Don't try to sell yourself, your products or services in your articles or you will limit your publication possibilities.

Successful online marketers pre-sell all the time, though. What is pre-selling? Pre-selling is like priming the pump. You write up compelling content filled articles with useful information. Readers like what they read and look for more articles written by you.

Maybe they click through to your site and take a look around. After the reader has read a few of your articles he begins to see you as an authority on that particular topic. He's also become more interested in learning about the topic. Maybe he's interested in ways you can help him with your products and services, which he now trusts you enough to purchase. Bingo! Pre-selling has taken place.

In that same vein, no one is interested in the same-old, same-old. Don't go around submitting rehashed material lifted from other places or PLR articles that are showing up all over the place with different "authors" listed. Rehashing material won't get you published very often. And if you do manage to get published in a few places, the stale content won't get you many fans, or site visitors. You are a unique individual, so submitting original material that will get you noticed isn't as difficult as you may think it is.

Another thing you want to concentrate on is staying focused and on topic. If your article content meanders off in different directions you'll lose the readers' interest. Similarly, if you submit articles about everything from cookware to canoes you won't establish yourself as an expert in anything. This greatly dilutes the results of your efforts. Pick a niche and stay with it. Make a name for yourself. And keep your article subjects narrowly focused. "Home Improvement" is way too broad. "Installing Crown Molding" is focused. Figure out your target market and hone in on it with carefully focused articles.

Writing great articles is important, but don't forget the about the author box. This is your one chance in article marketing to sell yourself. Be sure to include your name, many people forget this. This should be the same name you use in your byline. Also include a line or two about what you can do for your readers.

You want to provide the complete website URL for just one site. Avoid the temptation to include addresses of every site you run. Choose the link that best fits the article's target audience. And always include a call to action. If you've done everything right, many of your readers are warmed up and ready to buy, or at least will visit your site. Go ahead and ask for the business with a line such as "set up your new account today."

All these strategies will help you stop killing your campaign and breathe new life into your internet marketing efforts.
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