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How To Become a Master of Persuasion in Business

Aug 17, 2007
Finishing out the much anticipated sale of the year might become nothing but a bad dream if you do not adopt the proper persuasion skills.

When you do business you should always ensure that you are the one doing the persuading and stay on top of things, otherwise whether you realize it or not they have done the very same thing to you. You are either the persuader or the persuaded, at all times during business.

Stay motivated at all times; if you do not want it bad enough, you will not be able to adopt any salesmanship skills or persuasion skills. Without being enthusiastic about something, you can not do well.

Set a goal and figure out what it is that keeps you going. Do you dream of your own castle in the air, a house of your own, perhaps a shiny new vehicle. Do you want people to know who you are, and be aware of what you have to offer... Acting successful and being successful go hand in hand.

Find out what it is that gets other people in your circle of business going. People want something at all times, and being a master of persuasion allows you to play upon what they want. For instance, people are always in need of money, status, a stable home. If it is not for the desire of having something more, it is for the desire to not lose anymore than they already have, and it is in knowing the difference between the two that being a talented persuader can kick in. Find out what it is about the other person hat drives them.

What you want to do is find out what your business partner values the greatest. Think of things you can ask them and conversation that can stimulate them to reveal something about themselves or their interests that will be of use to you. Find an inner motive; most everybody has one, as harmless as it may be.

Finding out what a person values the greatest can be somewhat of an indication as to what they will need the most in the future, and you must determine and take advantage of what they want in the next five to ten years and on as well as what they presently need.

When having business meetings, be clear and succinct, and to the point at all times. Make what you want and need out of the business transaction evident from the beginning, and take advantage of every indication of a hint towards a sale that you can detect. Stay in control.

If you truly want to be able to persuade others to go with your product, you must truly believe in what you are selling. This may mean that you should try it yourself and see what its benefits are; you yourself are the strongest testimonial for your customers... if you do not use the product, why should they?

Not everyone is going to buy what you have to offer, whether it is a product or a pitch for one. You can maintain effective sales communication and become a great persuader by working on your communication skills. Speak slowly and clearly, and use words that your audience can understand. Be an active listener and learn to read body language, as that is a great indicator of how hard you should even pitch your product.

Also, understand that your pitch and your talent for persuasion will get better over time; when you are just starting out you probably will not be as good at persuasion as you will be in a few years, but keeping the lines of communication clear and open are a great start.
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