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Commerce Host Solutions for Business Success

Aug 17, 2007
If you are a young and promising webmaster who wants to take his business online, commerce hosting must be one of your first considerations. What company will be hosting the gateway to your financial freedom is an important decision indeed.

The surrounding economical reality is changing at an ever increasing rate. More and more sites are bringing quality products into the homes of the average internet users, and this is just the beginning of the great revolution.

So why not start an online business yourself? It can indeed be very profitable, and there are enough success stories available out there to inspire you. Of course, there are also scams, but with a bit of research you will be able to easily recognize and avoid them. The truth is that with enough ambition and commitment, anyone can make a living online.

What is e-commerce? If I were to define it, I'd say: the action of marketing, selling and distributing products over the internet. This is done with the help of an online store, of course. No online store, no business. Likewise, without a commerce host, you have no online store.

In an internet business, having quality commerce hosting is an important battle to fight and win. It can sometimes mean the difference between an ecommerce venture succeeding and failing. Making sure that you have safe and reliable hosting is one of your most basic online business needs. Clients need to feel like that they can safely make an online purchase from you whenever it is convenient for them.

There are two main types of commerce hosting: the shared server and the dedicated server. The differences between the two are great, both in term of quality and in price. If you decide to go with the shared hosting, it means that you will have to share the server your web site is on with many other different websites. This translates into slower web pages, because of less band width, and much less possible customization.

If, on the other hand, you decide to vote for a dedicated server, it will be yours only. You will be the only one on it and you will not share bandwidth with anybody else. You will be able to personalize and customize everything and install the pieces of software that you like the most.

Of course, dedicated a server doesn't come as cheap as a shared server. Not by a long shot. It can easily go up to a few hundred of dollars a month, as opposed to shared hosting, which is usually just a few dollars per month. Everything that has more quality also has a higher price.

In the end, it's your own choice. You need to carefully analyze your business and see what it needs. If it is a big business, you are probably better off with a dedicated server. If it's a smaller business, a shared server can also work fine. These two are the main options when it comes to commerce hosting.
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