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Why Tough Decisions Are a Blessing In Disguise

Aug 17, 2007
I have a question for you: What does it mean to be alive?

Some might say, "Things that are alive can move, and things that are dead can't".

Well not quite. After all, the rocks and mountains move during an earthquake, but they are certainly not alive.

Others might say, "Things that are alive can think, and things that are dead can't".

We're getting closer, but a tree or jellyfish doesn't have a brain, and it is still alive.

How about "Things that are alive make decisions, and things that are dead don't".

Now we've got it! All living things make decisions. Even the tree, which isn't "intelligent", can still make a crude form of decision when it decides to grow toward the sunlight. Meanwhile, a rock will never make any type of decision whatsoever.

You might be wondering what this has to do with starting a business, and the answer is simple: every time you make a decision, you become more alive.

I've written in the past about the importance of taking control of your work life, and how it can reduce the amount of stress you have.

I talked about creating events in your life and moving toward what you want, instead of reacting to events and moving away from what you don't want. And the way you can start doing that is by making more decisions.

People sometimes ask me, "How do you build the confidence to start a business, and take the scary step of quitting your job?"

My reply is to make more decisions. In fact, every time you make a decision you build confidence. The tougher the decision and the scarier it is, the more confidence you will get.

A man named Dr. Paul taught me this concept, and it's wonderful to apply it toward business. You can even think of confidence as a measurable unit of currency that you get each time.

Are you nervous about calling that potential customer and asking him to buy? Decide to do it, and you just got 50 units of confidence.

Are you scared to death of speaking in public at a conference where a number of prospects will be attending? Decide to do it, and you just got 200 units of confidence.

Are you petrified about quitting your job to work full time on your company? If that's what you really want, then decide to do it, and you just got 1000 units of confidence!

Of course, the numbers are different for everyone, but the principle holds true. Build your confidence in business by taking every opportunity to make a decision. The scarier the decision, the bigger the opportunity for growth, and the more alive you will feel.
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