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How to Gain Business Management Success through the Law of Karma

Aug 17, 2007
The idea of Karma is nothing new. It has even played a special role in the social life of people. Karma has often been described as a negative energy that will ultimately attach to anyone who has done wrong to his fellow beings. It is, however, a misunderstood concept. People must fully realize the significance of karma to make it work for them.

For instance, did you know that Karma is not just a negative mantra that you can blame your mishaps on, Karma is, in fact, a positive energy that means any energy you release ultimately returns to you in one form or another. For example, if you release positive energy, it will come back to you in the form of positive energy or positive event as well.

One thing this means is that you have to think happy thoughts if you want to be happy in life. Another way of looking at this philosophy is to wish for the success of other people so that you may be successful in what you do as well.

Anyone who knows how to use karma to his advantage can apply the rules to gain business success. If you want to succeed in managing your business endeavor, always be sincere in dealing with your customers. Always aim to give them the best products and services that you can offer.

If you honestly deal with your customers, you will reap the rewards later because the positive energy you released will come back to you in the form of business success. Think of it as planting goodwill and then sowing the benefits in the form of more business and profit. This is also practical, since people like to deal with honest and fair businessmen.

There are people who are dishonest businessmen and only think about profit and money at all costs. In the process, they forget that they also have a responsibility to their clients. In the end, they suffer the consequences of bad karma that comes from their actions. A business that is characterized by dishonesty and mischief will either not grow large or succeed, or will at first but then will ultimately fail. Customers will eventually lose trust in the company and leave to look for better products and services.

If you are in business, you have to give your clients their due. The spirit of giving results in a dynamic flow of energy, because the clients will give back what they receive from your end. It is understandable you are in business to make money. However, you must also incorporate generosity in your business dealings. Customers appreciate the honesty and good customer service. This will make them come back to you.

The law of Karma provides that you will never get what you do not desire. To get the best from your business, you have to know what you expect to reap. Make a list of your business desires and expectations and then do your part. Work hard, deliver the best products and service, and then reap the benefits of a prosperous business.

Nothing is perfect and you will always encounter something or someone that will get you down. It may be a business mistake or a business deal that has gone bad. However, never let negative events affect you and deter you from doing your business activities. You may brood for a day or a week, but eventually you have to regain your focus and move on.

It is understandable for you to have your focus on your business success, but as you do so, make sure you also ask what you can do to help your business partners and stakeholders. Think of your suppliers, vendors, partners, employees and customers. Helping your stakeholders can only give you more blessings, because if they succeed in business, you will as well. A prosperous customer will always buy from you. A successful business partner will likely pour more capital into the business.

It is also a good idea to solicit the advice of other people who are considered experts in their own fields. Surrounding yourself with success and good knowledge also helps direct good Karma your way.

Lastly, whatever business endeavor you want to go into, make sure you talk to others who have been there longer than you have. Read about the success and failures of other businesses. How did these people manage to grow big or how did they manage to do so much... You will always learn from their experiences.
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