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These Ain't Your Grandmother's Web Graphics

Aug 17, 2007
It's a classic story; boy meets girl, boy likes girl, but girl lives in Australia so boy starts an online graphics company to finance a move to the Great Down Under. But what makes this boys story a little unique is this boys graphic designs are of an exceptional quality. So what sets this Aussie-bound minisite designers work apart from the competition? Why should you drop everything and get him to design a minisite for you right now? And what the heck is a minisite and why do I need one? These and other questions you never thought you'd find yourself asking are the reason for this article, so read on.

To get started, let me ask you a few questions. Would you agree it's a good idea to dress appropriately when you go for a business interview? Would you want to show an understanding of todays changing world, and dress in the most current business styles? Would you want your potential business associates to see you as one of us and feel comfortable giving you their business? Todays internet customer is hip to the latest trends and they'll eat you for lunch if you can't show you're one of them. Or if you can't at least look like you are one of them.

It's no secret the web design business is highly competitive; everyone and their grandmother seems to be a closet graphic designer. You can hardly navigate any webmaster hangout or internet marketing site without someone offering to design a site for you. But how many of those designer-wanna-be's will crank out a hip set of graphics with a fresh new look, a look which will survive in todays glutted marketplace? Most graphics design companies will give you a rehash of some old and tired layout formula, trying to pass it off as the latest thing. But the boy in our little story truly offers something different.

But let's back up a minute. First, just what is a minisite and why do you need one for your own business? A minisite is a single page design, usually a sales page, consisting of a header, footer, eye catching headline, order button and subscribe box. Having a high quality professionally designed minisite would really make you stand out above the crowd. Your competitors would really be quaking in their boots if they knew our boy had your job on his project list.

Back to the boy in our story, other than because of your soft spot for a good love story, why should you have him design a minisite or any other graphics for your online project? The answer is simple, and it comes down to one point, quality. If you want a clean design, and one that doesn't look like every other web template out there, go with our boy. The new look in websites is simple and understated, but that doesn't mean the graphics are simple to make; on the contrary they include time consuming design elements like light sources and shadows. Our boy gives you all that and more.

Do the typical costs of a custom design keep you from having the latest look for your site? How about joining our boys membership site where you get a new template every month at a single digit price? You can't go wrong at that price, and remember, these ain't your grandmother's web graphics.
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Darren Kaye, Co Creator of Graphics Genie Design
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