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The Case for Professional Graphic Designs

Aug 17, 2007
You've probably heard the old adage, "You can't judge a book by its cover." But as true as this particular saying may be, it certainly doesn't stop us from doing so. As a result, the publishing business, both in print and online, spends millions of dollars every year in the attempt to get you to judge their books favorably. But isn't it expensive to hire a professional graphic designer?

Couldn't I just find a few graphics online and reproduce them? This article will discuss a few points about purchasing a professional graphic design, and the pitfalls of using free graphics found on the internet.

In todays highly competitive world of professional graphic design, it is possible to obtain fresh designs which follow the latest trends for a fraction of what you might have spent only a few years ago. With a little searching you might be able to turn up one of the up and coming stars of the graphics industry. Of course for every highly-qualified professional graphic designer, there are probably a thousand others who cannot produce the quality your project deserves, the quality your must have if you want to survive the competition.

Look for a designer who uses the proper tools like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. It is also important to make sure the designer is using original images; so many kitchen-table designers just take the same stock images everyone else uses and tries to rework them. A professional graphic designer should have an extensive portfolio and be able to point out work they've done for real customers. If a graphics company cannot provide you with examples and references, then simply move on to the next designer.

Although there are a plethora of sources for free online graphics, these images may not be the best option for your particular project. Not only is it likely these images have already been plastered all over the Internet and beyond, but there is a good chance it may not even be legal for you to use them. If the graphic images you find for free online are being offered by the graphic designer who created them, then the designer has probably limited them from commercial use. This sort of graphic is usually intended for use on hobby websites. If you find a large collection of free graphics all on one website there may also be limitations as far as commercial use is concerned, but an even bigger concern is the copyright issue. It is possible the graphics being offered on even the most reputable free site may not have been intended for such use by the graphic designer who created them. Many of the large collections available include graphic images that were lifted illegally from the designers website. If you would like to avoid messy legal situations in the future, it may be best for you to avoid the use of free graphics in your project.

So with all the competition, a professional graphic design is well within the means of even the most modest project. Whether you are looking for images to include in a printed project or are designing a new website, the graphics you purchase or have designed by a professional will alleviate the problems you may encounter by using free graphics.
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