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Graphic Images in the Information Age

Aug 17, 2007
You boot up your computer and click a graphic image to open a program. Another graphic image leads you to the function you wanted to use. You click these icons without much thought, and certainly without much reading. But have you considered the way you've been conditioned to depend on these images? Have you made a conscious decision about which graphic images you prefer? Do you pay much attention to your preferences or is it more an automatic response? This article will give a brief overview of the impact graphic images now make on our lives, and what you as a business owner must do about it.

You've probably heard it said we live in the information age. In the period since the 1980's we've seen Microsoft become the largest company in the world based on its influence in creating the underlying mechanics to facilitate information distribution. Not only can information now be transmitted at the speed of light, but it seems to propagate itself nearly as quickly. It now seems the player with the most information is the one who wins the game.

But it might be appropriate to offer a subtitle to this era's information-age header. It also seems we are living in what might be called the "visual age". The vast majority of people alive on our planet today can't recall a world without television. Recently we've seen the incredible success of video web sites like YouTube and Google Video; if a picture is worth a thousand words, then these sites might prove video is worth a million words. In this visual age you can see images shot on Mars and other places in outer space. You can watch live feeds of astronauts during their space walks. And how many new cell phones come with built in cameras these days?

We're not only bombarded with images these days, but we have come to depend on graphic images to help us navigate through life. The shape of a road sign tells us its meaning, and we look at the graphic image it displays before we read the actual words. Products we have in our household show us how to safely use them through the use of visual aids, small graphic images called icons. How many times have you navigated your way around websites by clicking on the graphic images if offers?

With so many images around us, two things have happened. First, as consumers we have become more sophisticated in preferences for graphic images; an image must be of the highest quality or it is likely to be ignored. If we are to respect a company, then the graphic images it presents us with must be of the highest quality to satisfy our discerning tastes. Second, a graphic image must be truly unique to gain our attention; with the onslaught of images we face everyday, it takes more and more for an image to gain our attention.

So with these things established, it is clear as a business owner you cannot depend on the same old stock graphic images everyone else uses. The small investment to have a designer create unique and high quality graphics for your business is a cost which pays for itself in the long run. If you want to be a part of today's information age, you need to provide your customers with the visual cues they need.
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