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Aug 17, 2007
Advertising on the Web at one time relied almost completely on marketing by email. It was a very dollar friendly advertising method and ruled supreme for quite a long time. But as things and people progressed it was edged out beyond its uses and the result was spam. The fact is it rose to such an levels that governments throughout the world rushed to pass new laws outlawing many forms of email marketing and the people operating it. In so much as they almost killed it off completely.

In its wake we had adwords and various other pay per click systems. Although very results driven at first. Paid for promotional campaigns can get very costly. Certainly you see visits and the method does work but its does leave a little to be desired. Adwords campaigns can quite easily cost you far more than you could ever hope to make if the scheme or the information you are promoting carries a low ticket price. Especially when we see keyword bids exceeding the 100 dollar mark per click.

Then it moved on to list compiling and permission based emailing and each website you go to requires your personal information prior to being able to view what they have to offer. After which you get invaded with emails selling you everything from penis enlargement to scams. This is no more than a new method of email spam but it's permission based. Hence the term permission email marketing. Excellent if your affiliate scheme is built in a way as to capture or collect email addresses from the visitors and you have a penis enlargement product to promote but you have to get the visitors first or you can't sign them up to receive your item.

So how do we do this without using spam, adwords or the latest advertising wave adsense.

What we all want is to get our website visited. Either by utilising the systems described prior or staying with SEO. Search Engine Optimization is no longer an option for most people simply because it is now glaringly obvious that the quickest way to push your site in the top search engine results is to throw unlimited amounts of cash into it, to bring in the all important links.

When it comes to links. Not so far back, when it was completely accepted that arranging reciprocal links with sites that complimented yours was the way forward but now with the rise and rise of adsense this is being cast aside also.

Adsense is just another method of adwords only now instead of just seeing it on the right hand side of your Google search you find it on virtually every site you visit. This isn't dollar friendly advertising due to the link to pay per click and adwords so where does that leave us and what does the future hold.

The Web is renowned for its inventive approach to any and all obstacles that are placed in its way and advertising your website without breaking the bank is just such an obstacle.

Now we witness the emergence of the Search Sub Engine a new innovation that's all set to move free business advertising on the Net to a higher plain. Using the Search Sub Engine you can advertise your site for weeks for just a couple of dollars and as this phenomenon grows it will no doubt bite into the advertising business already enjoyed by the search engines themselves.

Search Sub Engines promise to be adsense free and external advertisment free which won't put any pressure under the noses of the surfer. This should get them directly to your business without any diversions.

Search Sub Engines also rotate your listing to enable everyone to have the opportunity to reach the pinnacle top result and pull in those visits, which is more than we have ever had from any of the previous forms of advertising.

Looks to be a fantastic idea and an excellent method to advertise for free, and so not breaking the bank. Lets just hope it takes off and if it does, that they don't go down the same road as all the others by becoming too greedy.
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