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Free Advertising, The Complete Method I Used To Reach Google Ranked Number One Within Two Weeks

Aug 17, 2007
Reaching number one with the search engines used to be a distant dream for me. Many other businesses I have started, have failed miserably simply because I was unable to gain a position anywhere near the top with any search engines and so failed to drive any real visitors to my business.

Recently I have managed to achieve this enviable position with both Google and Yahoo and the resulting traffic has been quite simply overwhelming.

We all need traffic to ensure our continued success online and the various methods for attracting said visitors generally leaves a lot to be desired to say the least.

We all try FFA pages, and try to set up reciprocal links with high traffic sites in the hope that it will at the very least drive some visitors to our respective business ventures, but when all this fails and the software you have purchased to help proves to be useless, where do you go next.

I was presented with this problem, and it was following much deliberation that I decided that if ever I was going to make a success online I was going to have to figure it all out for myself. The supposed help that seems to be on offer from the 'Gurus' does nothing more than exasperate the situation and ensure that you spend most of your time attempting to drive traffic to your business using useless but expensive software, yet still getting nowhere fast. Only now you try it with an empty bank account.

I decided that the only way to actually accomplish this monumental task was to do all the research myself. This involved using and testing various pieces of software, using certain programs and finally putting all of the useful stuff together to achieve the results I had been desperately searching for.

When you begin to finally see the results of all your labors, it brings a certain smile to your face, knowing that you have finally cracked the code, the elusive code of online success, and it feels like nothing else on earth.

Needless to say, this is a completely new method for achieving the top position with the search engines and getting your site indexed within forty eight hours, including Yahoo, which can prove to be extremely difficult unless you choose to pay for your submission.

The major difference between the method I've devised and the methods I have been sold in the past is that everything you need to succeed with the search engines, is packaged and ready to go in one free report. It's new, brand new, never been seen before now. Some of it is quite radical, some of it you will be familiar with, but what makes it so very powerful is when it all comes together. By utilizing the various different tools within this free report you will be able to achieve the exact same results that I have, and the report will not cost you a single penny.
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