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Advertising Your Profitable Home Based Business Cheap! Cheap!

Aug 17, 2007
The thing about owning a profitable home based business that appealed to me the most when I was starting out was that I could do it on my own time, and in my own space. Last summer, I even went on a vacation and left my business behind and it still worked for me while I was away.

One thing you have to remember when owning a profitable home based business, though, is that in order for it to be successful, you have to give your prospects and customers what they want. This includes going out of your way to do extra things for them to make up for the money they may be spending on your business opportunity.

Marketing your profitable home based business is very important for this reason. You need to get traffic to your website, and you need paying customers to help build your business if it's going to be successful.

The problem is always money, money, money, or should I say lack thereof. Many people jump into a business feeling like they're going to make a fortune without realizing the costs of advertising. Many people don't make a budget they can afford and sustain over time, so their profitable home based business ends up being not so profitable, and they may even quit.

Sometimes when you are short on advertising funds, you can put in time rather than money and get the same or similar results. But this, too, can lead to frustration when there is a lack of both time and money.

There are many cheap ways to build a profitable home based business. If you think about what your business niche is and what customer base you are targeting, you can make your advertising very localized and specific rather than paying big bucks for advertising in places where your business wouldn't even reach your target audience.

For example, if you have a dog grooming business in your city, you likely don't need to advertise outside of the city. Sometimes offline advertising methods work better than online advertising methods. For your dog grooming business you could post flyers or posters very inexpensively. Business cards are cheap and easy to distribute as well.

If you have a profitable home based business online, that's another story. In that case, it's also a good idea to advertise offline and extend your reach, but of course advertising online is mainly what you want to spend your advertising dollars on.

But it doesn't have to be expensive if you look to advertising on free blogs, discussion forums, free classifieds, and through website link exchanges. Also, one of the best cheap ways to advertise is by writing good quality, original articles and distributing them to publishers across the internet. All of these methods allow you to advertise your website link.

Usually when you write articles you have to pay for a monthly article distribution service. It may be free at first, but then you are encouraged to upgrade. I would consider this a great investment of your advertising dollars, above many other methods. While article distribution is a slower approach to making money, it's a quick approach to getting backlinks to site, and building traffic.

You can also pay for posting your link in different link directories and I would consider this another good investment, especially if the link directory service you are paying for tells you what the Page Rank of the site you're linking to is.

When you have your website listed on a higher ranked site, you will likely get more exposure. Not to mention, this is a quicker way of spreading your links around rather than manually visiting sites yourself and having to enter in your website's information each time.

There will be expenses whenever you own a profitable home based business, but just keep in mind that if you budget both your time and money, and choose how you wish to spend your advertising dollars wisely, then you should be on the right track.
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