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The Law of Attraction? The Secret to Love, Happiness and Success

Aug 17, 2007
Have you heard of the movie The Secret? It is truly one of a kind. First off, it had a world premier on March 26, 2006 - not really something new BUT it was also heavily marketed as "a Worldwide Internet Event" because the movie was made available for online viewing. So what IS the movie The Secret all about? It's about the Law of Attraction.

The Movie The Secret - Unlock the Potential of the Universal Law of Attraction
The movie The Secret is not really a 'movie' in the traditional sense of the word. It's more like a documentary with people providing commentaries on how life success, relationship success, business success, and more can be yours if only you know how to leverage the law of attraction.

What is great about the film is that it is never boring. You sit there riveted as you absorb this particular success principle. Another great thing about the movie is that you sit there listening to so many successful people attesting to this success system that never fails, providing credence to what the film is trying to teach.

The Law of Attraction 101
Put simply, the premise of the Law of Attraction is that everything that is happening to you NOW is something that you attracted to yourself. As is constantly repeated in the movie The Secret - what you think about, you bring about. The Law of Attraction is not really something that is new. Even when we were young weren't we always taught to 'think positive thoughts' to turn away any 'negative vibes'?

So since we were children, we have been exposed to the success through a positive mental attitude mantra. This is partly why the film really reaches out to its viewers - it is touching a nerve that is not completely unknown. It is understandable and easy to grasp.

However, LIFE happens and our childlike definition of success gets muddled. The Secret shows us that we should go back to this state of success through a positive mental attitude and we WILL see results.

How to Practice the Law of Attraction
So how does one put the Law of Attraction into practice? The movie The Secret reveals three steps.

One: ASK.
Quantify what you really want in life. Don't just say you want to be rich, be specific. However, having said that, don't forget that success is a journey. Asking for a million dollars in the bank tomorrow is self-defeating (although... not impossible as any lottery winner will attest) because you are setting a goal that is almost impossible. The result? You are persuading yourself that this particular law of success is not working and you abandon it and perhaps go back to your negative way of thinking.

Once you specify what you want in love, life, business or whatever aspect, BELIEVE that you will get it.

Many people put themselves down thinking they are not worthy of such high ambitions. Well you know what? You are! So start believing that you will achieve success and YOU WILL.

The Law of Attraction is all about putting forth into the universe what you want... and receiving it. It can be tomorrow, next week or in a couple of years but you will receive it in due course.

How To Start Bringing Success In Your Life

The Attitude of Gratitude. Start putting out those positive vibes by starting each day with thoughts of what you are already thankful for in life. This will give your day a 'happiness kick' that no caffeine drink can produce! The positive energy that this exercise produces will carry out through your day and ATTRACT other positive outcomes.

Dress for Success. Put forth a successful aura and success will be attracted to you like a magnet! Our outer appearance is almost always a reflection of how we feel inside so if you dress sloppily, you are putting forth negative energy. However, no need to run to the mall to break the bank for clothes. How about just trying to smile more often? Smiling is one of the best (and cheapest!) ways to put forth positive energy.

If you have teeth problems preventing you from radiating a bright, cheery smile, FIX IT NOW. Visit your dentist or if it's just dark-stained teeth, use an at-home teeth bleaching product. In short, don't let anything get in the way of a great smile.

So what are YOU going to do now that you know about the Law of Attraction? Practice it. Remember, the universe does not like delay... so ACT.
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