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How To Come One Step Closer To Achieving Your Goals By Publishing A Newsletter!

Aug 17, 2007
What can a newsletter do for you? It will encourage visitors to return to your site thus allowing you to stay in touch with them. This can help you build trust as well as start a business relationship with your website visitors.

Here are a few newsletter tips which may help you attract new business to your website.

1. Offer useful and interesting information. Your subscribers will not stay around if you do not.

2. Keep your newsletter short. People get alot of email, so send them something they can read quickly and actually use!

3. Take the time to put together a format for your newsletter. This will save time when you write a new issue of your newsletter, and it will also help your subscribers recognize your newsletter each time it appears in their inboxes.

4. Set up a hotmail or yahoo email account and subscribe to newsletters that are related to your topic. Check out the newsletters for ideas and formats that you can use in your newsletter.

5. There are many free services that are offered on the Internet that can help you publish a newsletter. I would like to suggest that you get one of the paid services such as GetResponse. They make it very easy to collect subscribers and to send out your newsletter, but best of all they do not place any ads in your mailings.

6. Specialize in a topic that is not covered very well in any other newsletter. Make sure that it is a subject that you can provide enough information on to allow you to send out your newsletters regularly.

7. It will take time to develop your own unique writing style in your newsletters, so be patient and remember that practice makes perfect. With practice you gain experience and before you know it, your subscribers are looking forward to each and every one of your newsletters.

Are you having trouble finding content? For example, my newsletter is about free online advertising resources and each week I try to provide information on a specific online marketing topic that is free.

One suggestion is to visit one of the many article websites and browse for ideas. Use other articles to establish ideas and then put your own unique spin on it. You can also reprint many of these articles in your newsletter as long as you include the authors bio.

Do you already have a website? If you do then you must know something about what is covered on your website, so share it with your visitors. The simpler the information is, the better. You can also use the material in your newsletters on your website, which will help to attract traffic.

By taking advantage of the resources that are online and dedicating some time and effort nearly anyone can develop a good, informative newsletter that will help them build a solid and profitable relationship with their subscribers.

How can you collect subscribers?

- Include a form on your website which allows people to subscribe to your newsletter. The sign up form should be on the top right and on as many of your web pages as possible. Offer something for free if they do subscribe.

- Add a pop up to your website to help increase your subscriber list. Even though pop ups are controversial they will increase your sign up rates.

- Make sure you announce your newsletter by using the many newsletter announcement mailing lists and directories.

- Most important of all, make your newsletter an interesting and informative read.

How can you make sure people will want to read your newsletter?

1. Publish on time.

2. Keep the same format.

3. Proof read your newsletter.

4. Make it your own.

5. Keep it short.

6. Ask for feedback, and respond promptly.

7. Have fun.

Remember that a great newsletter is passed around, while a bad one just loses subscribers.

Publishing an online newsletter does not have to be difficult. It is a great way to help brand your website while having fun.

Can you think of a better way to allow your visitors to get to know you and your business?

Copyright 2007 by Joe Rispoli
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Joe Rispoli has been gathering free online marketing resources for over 10 years. You can find many of these resources at his website http://UcanTo.com where you can also subscribe to his Free Advertising Resources Ezine which includes free Email Marketing Software with your subscription.
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