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Article Writing as an Advertising Source

Aug 17, 2007
You've started an internet business, have completed your website and now you need to decide how you are going to advertise your new site.

Among the many ways to advertise is by writing articles. I feel that this is one of the best methods because you can include so much information and resources that you can adapt your articles to any situation. First of all let's take a look at some important reasons for writing articles to promote your site.

1. Generate traffic to your site by including links in your resource box.

2. Use them as an advertising tool, not only with the links but your content. Don't be blatant about it. Writing intelligently about your topic will lead visitors to visit your site to further explore what you have to offer. A visitor who realizes that you are competent in your subject is more likely to become a future customer, if not right away.

3. Correlate your keywords with your topic and your site. Internet browsers are looking for a specific subject. The closer your keywords or phrases match their search requirements, the more likely they are to go to your site. Not only that, the closer the match the higher your site will appear on the search engines results.

4. The importance of your resource box cannot be underestimated. First of all it should have your name, a brief description of your site, a short history of you the author, and any links to which you want them to go.

Many marketers, especially beginners, do not like to write articles as they feel that it takes too much time, they don't feel creative enough and it actually scares them. But consider this: I bet 95% of successful article writers started out feeling that way but with experience they became better and eventually came to like doing it.

Tips to making your article interesting and effective.

1. Use short paragraphs.

2. Employ numbers or bullets which makes it easier to read.

3. Create an attention-getting title by describing your content with short, concise words. Relate them to your keywords if possible. Pique their interest so they will want to read further.

4. Be informative, using facts and figures when they apply and even use real-life situations if it would help clarify your theme.

(a little hint here is to start out by composing an outline which will make it easier to organize what you are writing)

If you still don't want to write your own, especially at the beginning, there are sources online which can help you at a nominal cost such as freelancers. You can find them by entering the term in your browser.

Using public domain articles is another good source as these articles are given to the public and you can claim them as your own. The only difficulty here is that anyone can use them so your competitors may use the same one. Here is a good time to edit them in your own words to make them your own.

I have written mostly about linking your article to your website, but it's also easy to link to your affiliate site if you are promoting someone else's product.

Notice that I haven't mentioned advertising that much but that is really what you are doing with your article and your resource box. The more informative your article and how you present it is actually a means of promoting yourself and your subject.
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