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Preparing For The Worst In Business: What To Do?

Aug 17, 2007
Let us say that you are a wholesale distributor and your wholesale business runs out of free traffic? What do you do? Are you prepare to handle the financial scrutiny it could be for your more than likely present, better yet, are you having all your eggs in one basket?

Very recently, so called Mr. big daddy search engine erased me from SERP results for my main wholesale sub-niche commercial businesses. From niches to sub-niches related, everything gone! Instead of girls gone wild, more like partners gone crazy since every work is based on commission price gaps.

Can you imagine if this is you? Could be you paying rent, credit card bills, college, miscellaneous and business itself. What backup plan could you have right now if you have trusted and have been getting comfortable with only one source of marketing for your businesses?

One of the things you should not do when it comes to search engine free traffic is trust in luck. Waiting in the hope word will not get you guarantee that you will be able to pay your mortgage or any current demand you are in debt with. You need a source where you can predict results. Even when the traffic will never ever be the same, you must have it tested before you even started the business.

The advertising and marketing funnel that many of us rely when it comes to testing and seeing a potential great business investment online is known as pay-per-click. With pay-per-click marketing you cannot only appear in the top of SERP results, you can also track what exactly is bringing you a profit.

In fact, the very first thing that you must do if you do not know how the wholesale business niche or sub-niche business will follow-thru in profits is to test it in one of the top 3 pay-per-click search engines today. Whether Google, Yahoo or MSN if you want to cut 100% of the risk on return on investments- the best thing you could do right now is with pay-per-clicks. Many of us are doing it on a continued basis, especially if SERP results change on a constant basis.

Big time lesson to have in mind here is, pay-per-click Is an 100% secure option if you found a product that return more money from the value of the clicks you get from those sponsor results you get from any search engine. If you get $20 out of a $4.30 visitor click, you got yourself a winner. Having pay-per-click in their business arsenal is another good choice when dealing with the constant updates search engines do on a constant basis.

If you want to stick with search engine free traffic, lesson is to learn how to reduce the risk of a blow-up drop of tangible sells because of major updates. Do yourself white hat techniques when it comes to search engines, and overtime you learn that all your wholesale business and your wholesale distributor commercial sites in niche markets come up over time if you learned most of the time- but do never ever keep your eggs in one basket!
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