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Employee Discounts are a Bonus for Businesses

Aug 17, 2007
An employee discount store is used as a form of incentive for working for a specific company. Usually, this policy is used by companies selling commercial goods, but it is not a general rule and can be encountered in other kind of companies also.

The employee discounts usually range in between 10-30% of the standard product price. For example, in clothing stores, offering an employee discount may be a very smart and productive move. Some stores will require their employees to wear the clothing purchased at the store, which gives good publicity.

The reasons for offering tempting discounts are many and varied. From the earlier mentioned good publicity to making sure that some of the money surely returns to the store, it can encompass everything in between.

Discount amounts may also vary according to each person's position. There are some discount stores at which an average employee will get about a 10% discount, a supervisor will get 30% while a manger can get 30% or even 40% in discounts. This is concordance to the all-general rule that the more you have, the more you will get, but this is just how the things are.

A new trend in employee discounts has been noticed lately among car companies. One specific car company uses this strategy to encourage employees to drive newer models of cars, or models which don't have the success of others.

Usually, discounts offered to the average buyer tend to devalue those offered to the employees, and this may well result also in much lower commissions for the employees. However, something is far better than nothing, especially if a certain product has a hard time selling at a specific price.

Employee discounts are also used as a method of keeping good employees in the company and earning their respect. It also can do wonders for their morale, and to their company loyalty. Having loyal employee who will never bad-mouth the company can be a very valuable asset.

Employee discounts are also often used in cases in which there's a certain product which is in surplus. This is a good way to free the stock of any eventual non-sellers or bad-sellers. Some companies have discount cards which must be presented by the employees.

Eventually, it can be a win-win situation for both the employers and the employees. Employers have their advantages in this, but so do the employees. Employers make sure that some of the money stays within the company, earn some trust and respect from their staff, and earn good publicity, both internal and external. Employees, in turn, have priority to certain goods and, most important, get them much cheaper. This is exactly the major advantage of an employee discount store.
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