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6 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Home Business Today!

Aug 17, 2007
I'm sure you already know that starting a business of your own is one of only 2 legal ways to make big bucks. The other is luck - you can marry money, win the lottery or inherit the family jewels! You will **never** earn a dream wage and have the time to enjoy it if you work for someone else. Just so that we're clear. It's **impossible** to have all the money you want **and** all the time you want when you are an employee. So, now's the time to get started. There are more opportunities for starting your own business today than there have ever been in the whole of man's short history. There are 6 main reasons for doing it now:

1. Massive Demand for What You Offer

Many people today have a lot more leisure time and a high disposable income. If you don't believe me, just compare your own life and what you can do in it with the spare time and money your grandparents enjoyed!

With the leisure time available people are always looking for ways to occupy themselves with sports, holidays, hobbies, crafts and even running their own spare time business. They are also willing to spend the extra money they have on these activities, or anything that supports them, provided they get good quality and value for money.

For you, this means massive demand for your product or service, providing you are offering what people want!

2. People are More Open to New Things

Todays society is far more diverse and competitive than it has ever been. This makes individuals and businesses open to new ideas, products and services like never before, particularly if they think they can gain an advantage over their rivals.

This creates an enormous potential market for niche home businesses in areas such as training courses, educational aids, specialist information products and services, as well as many other products and services. With low overheads, it's easy for you to find an unexploited market that is not viable for large companies.

3. Cheap Technology makes Your Life Easier

Today you can have as much technology at your fingertips as the average multinational company did 30 years ago. The scope of what can be achieved from a tiny home office today is immense!

You might choose to buy in the computers, printers, telephone and fax systems, photocopiers and audio, video and imaging equipment your business needs. But you can also lease. And for other requirements such as bulk printing, product fulfilment, internet services and many more, you can outsource to a wide array of service providers.

4. You are Already Qualified!

Modern society demands a lot from you. To survive and thrive you have to be able to do and know many things. For example:

i. Use a long list of consumer durables and other technology.

ii. Fill out endless forms and paperwork!

iii. Communicate on a vast range of issues with people from all walks of life, often using more technology!

iv. Complete long and complex transactions such as buying a house or other high value item.

v. Sell yourself to potential employers, life partners, etc.

vi. Have opinions on a wide range of topics, from international politics to the latest TV soap.

vii. Run your own life to get the most out of it, including personal finances, career, relationships, leisure activities etc.

viii. Learn a huge body of knowledge in school and then learn what you really need to know to do a job.

Two hundred years ago you would probably have been largely illiterate, never have travelled more than 5 miles from home and had little or no knowledge of the outside world. What you are able to know and do today, thanks to the demands of the society we live in, means you are actually well qualified to set up for yourself. After all, if you've made it this far, you're obviously doing something right!

5. Start-up Capital is Abundant

More people have access to more money than ever before. Until about 30 years ago most people were paid weekly and usually in cash, which got spent pretty much straight away.

Now we hardly use cash. Credit cards give us access to money we don't have, sometimes up to a year's income. Loans, even large loans, are easy to get, especially if you have equity in your house to secure it against. More people than ever before have savings, share holdings and other investments.

With all this money available individuals and institutions are now more willing to lend money on the back of a good quality business proposal. In fact, with the low start-up cost of many home businesses, it's often not necessary to go to anyone else - you can already afford what you need!

6. Help is Always Close at Hand

Earlier I said you are already well qualified to start your own business. In life skills yes, but you might lack knowledge of a particular aspect of running your business, or you might be short on ideas or inspiration to keep moving ahead. That's never a good excuse for inaction.

You will always find a vast array of help and support open to you. Some will be free, often provided by national, regional or local government agencies, but more often you will have to pay. Examples of paid support are; professional advisors such as accountants, training books, courses, seminars, designers, copywriters, and many more.

No matter what you need for the growth of your business or your own knowledge, you can always find some source of information or inspiration.

The only thing keeping you from starting today is **you**. You have a whole world of opportunity to create the lifestyle you deserve. So, in the words of the king "a little less conversation, a little more action please!"
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