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How To Build A Massive Opt In Email List

Aug 17, 2007
It amazes me on how many people just "don't get it" when it comes to the power of their email list GOLD mine.

Many people think it is enough to be making sales from their website. While it is good to be making plenty of sales directly from your site, at the same time, you will lose a large percentage of potential customers if you fail to build an opt-in mailing list.

Having a list will allow you to communicate with your site's visitors and slowly build a relationship with them. This method will give you chance to convert those uninterested prospects into paying customers if you done it properly.

So what exactly does it take to build a great opt-in list quickly and easily?

Here are some useful tips and tactics.

1. Offer an incentive to get people to leave their email address.

You may hear lot of people taking about it, but still, this is one of the best ways to encourage people to sign up your list. I like to offer a special report, free Internet marketing course, or anything else that my visitors find useful. It is essential to give them something for sign up to your list instead of just put up a site there and wait.

It can easily double the number of signups you receive just with this tip alone.

I see so many people trying to build list without offering any kind of incentive for signing up. This is a big mistake.

Speaking of incentives, they are just so easy to create. Anything with have perceived value that can benefits your visitors are good. You free offer will help boost signups by 100%. I have tried both ways toward to list building, tell you the truth, offering incentives will give you far superior results.

2. In your offer page, don't forget to include a clearly written privacy policy. One of the main reasons people refuse to leave their email address is because they are afraid of be spammed. This has been a huge problem on the Internet for years.

Everybody hates spam, me too!

If visitors are not feel comfortable with your offer or your site, or have any other reasons to suspect that you will share their email address with others, usually they will not sign up your list. Give them a rock solid guarantee that you will not share their email address with anyone. This will put away their worries toward to spamming matter. Simple things like this can make a huge difference.

3. Create multiple, tightly targeted lists. Not too many people realize the power of this tactic. Through offering different lists on your website, you will find it drastically increase the chances of people finding something that interests them enough to sign up for.

Example, you can put one of the lists for general updates, another one could include tips that your target market would find useful, while the third one could be a monthly newsletter and so forth. No matter which option they choose, your goal is to get their email address.

Think about what lists your target market might be interested in, and then offer those options on your site.

A visitor may have no interest in your general announcements mailing list but may have
a great interest in your newsletter. If you have not provided multiple options, then that person would have signed up for nothing. According the test, three options usually are enough. If your visitors have not found something that interests them after three choices, they are generally not worth going after.

4. Be sure to make all your lists double opt-in.

Double (or Verified) opt-in lists require people to first sign up on your site, and then activate their subscription by replying to a confirmation email. Double opt-in sign up will take away any chance of be labeled as a spammer.

You can also show proof to related authorizing that people requested to opt-in your list, if in case, there any unexpected things happen, like sue your emails. In addition, people who sign up your list through double opt-in method generally are higher quality readers compare with those from a singe opt-in list.

It is because subscribers who are interested in your messages and reply to the confirmation email, means they are much more serious about what you offer. They are the people you want in your list.

And also people double opt-in your list are much more responsive to your offers compared to those who half-heartedly sign up for your list without a lot of interest. Having a high quality list is critical for your business.

After you finish reading this article, just putting the above tips into use, you will be able to build a massive and high quality list as far as time goes by. I have personally tested all of these methods and they work marvelously. They will work for you too.
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