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Summer Jobs . . . It's Never Too Early To Master The 8 Success Tips!

Aug 17, 2007
Applying for summer jobs can be a great way to learn how to present yourself to a prospective employer -- especially if this could be your first summer job.

Of course, you're doing it to make some money. But, at the same time applying for summer jobs can be a great opportunity to discover the techniques of getting into the summer jobs marketplace.

So, here are some guidelines that can help you become a real success this summer.

1. Diversify. Pick out five or six places you'd love to go to work. Don't prematurely make the decision that one will be better than another. Let your instincts be your guide.

2. Pick up two employment applications from each location. One will be for you to use as practice. The other will be the final result that you'll hand in to the employer.

3. Neatness counts. Remember, this is the first communication an employer will have from you. Make sure it's filled out completely and neatly.

4. Be sure to mention volunteer activities you've engaged in. And include all extracurricular activities that can add to your image.

5. Dress properly. Your visual image is important. First impressions really make a difference!

6. When you return the application, ask to speak to the manager to get more information about the job opportunities. How you present yourself will determine whether or not you're invited for an interview.

7. If an employer invites you for an interview, act like a pro. Dress neatly. Give a firm handshake. Look the employer directly in the eye. Smile a lot and maintain an open, friendly demeanor.

8. Be sure to inform the employer that you're reliable, honest, and hard-working. Assure him/her that you value showing up on time. Be sure to mention that you have transportation to and from work covered.

It's a terrific professional gesture to immediately follow up your interview with a Thank You note. I can't emphasize enough how this rarely-done exercise impresses employers. Remember, an employer is likely interviewing lots of people for their summer jobs opportunities. That means final decisions will likely be made in your absence.

Therefore, anything you can do to impress an employer by making yourself memorable will go a long way to put you ahead of the competition. In other words, you can dramatically move the odds in your favor by doing the little extras that your competitors will likely overlook. In short, you can put yourself in the summer jobs winner circle!
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