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Small Business Start Up: Start On A Low Budget

Aug 17, 2007
A small budget is usually needed for a small business start up. No one can start even a small business with no money. However, if everything is planned out carefully, you will need a very moderate budget to start a small business.

There are certain tips discussed below that will help solo, micro, home based or service professionals to start up a business on a low budget.

Once you have decided on a profitable and well researched niche you can begin the start up process.

First of all you should set up a structure that can be sustained and at the same time grow with each day. This is also means that you have to set up a legal entity that is right for your business and which will protect you from incurring legal liability. At the same time it should offer the best tax advantages.

Focusing on the right banking relationship should be the next step. For this you need to have a business account. The fees for the services charged by the bank vary widely and depend on the policy of each bank. Therefore you should look around to see which bank provides a free business checking,

Next try to find the best options that are also low on cost for the marketing material you need to use initially. You will need a business logo, business cards and maybe a website and this has to be done at a minimum amount.

In fact, even if your business happens to be an online one you still need all of the above. However with the right resources and right knowledge these can be accomplished easily at a low price. But there is a tricky part, you must know what you have to put together and how to turn it into a great package complete with a website in order generate lots of sales and leads.

One thing you must be clear about is that you must not be conned into paying for a website that is merely a web brochure with no marketing material or traffic. These are costly mistakes that should be avoided.

Plan out in advance how much you need to put aside in the first six months as your marketing budget. The secret to get a good calculation is to know how exactly you can get investment returns on every dollar that you spent. This can be done if you can figure out how to reach the clients directly. Do not pay for marketing techniques that covers an audience that is too broad. Stick to a small specific audience. Figure out the most effective and least expensive way to reach them.

You must learn how to make the most of every penny that you use to market your product or services. You should follow a strategy that compels the targeted audience to take some action. It is all about converting the leads into deals. Once you are skilled at this, your business will start growing.

The marketing budget that you use initially can be low, however if it is used wisely and you track and measure the results, eliminate or change marketing tactics that do not work or keep a percentage of the money for reinvestments then your initial low marketing budget will actually finance itself.

The above mentioned points can really aid in helping a small business start up.
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