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7 Ways To Get A Better Response Out Of Your Subscribers

Aug 17, 2007
Opt-in Email lists are a great way to keep a way to keep a record of potential and probable customers. Your opt in subscribers are good leads to generating sales, and more importantly, repeat sales. Most people know that spam rarely works, but targeted Email based advertising and communication is a great way to find customers that you know are interested in your product. However, not every subscriber on your opt in list is going to actually spend money on your products and services, but there are many ways to help increase your sales and generate better responses from your subscribers.

Gear your content towards people that are legitimately interested in spending money. You can weed out freebie seekers by avoiding language that stresses any free services or products you offer. This doesn't mean you cannot have free offers, but the more you promote these freebies the more freebie seekers your opt in list will attract.

Use esoteric terms and topics in your content. This will attract only the most serious buyers and weed out those that only have a passing or short term interest in your products. This is another great way to weed out freebie seekers because most freebie seekers will not be well versed on a product or service is they are just looking for freebies.

Send Emails any time you make even minor changes. Even a small change to a product, product line, price, or service can pique the interest of a serious buyer. Try to make any changes or improvements seem like they are very important even if they may seem minor to you.

Answer Emails promptly and stay in contact. If you remain in contact with your leads, they will be more likely to think of you when they are ready to buy instead of going somewhere else. Make sure to answer questions quickly as to keep their attention on you and your products.

Target the interests of your subscribers. Your content should be highly specific as this allows you to better understand exactly what your subscribers are looking for. Once you understand what they want you can better market your products to them and stress the elements that they desire the most.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Getting input from your subscribers can allow you to determine better ways to market to them and change your content and product line to better suit their needs. Even minor changes in your content and products can mean the difference between repeat sales from a customer, or them going elsewhere.

Make your repeat customers feel special. Repeat customers generate reliable and constant profit, so you should do whatever it takes to keep them. Let them know that they are important to you either by giving them special treatment, special offers, or just telling them in words that you appreciate their business. Generating a rapport with your repeat customers can keep them from going elsewhere even if they find a better deal.

Using these tips you should be able to generate more first sales and more repeat sales from your opt in subscribers. Never underestimate the profit power that these targeted lists can provide, and never let the needs and feelings of your subscribers be forgotten in favor of less targeted marketing.
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