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Make The Checkout Easy

Aug 17, 2007
Making it easy to purchase what you market is very important if you want to be successful in your online business.

Keep navigation throughout your website simple and easily seen on every page. Make it a point to direct visitors through your site, kind of like a guided tour. You may have more than one money page and you certainly want your visitor to find what you have that they may want.

Once your visitors have found what they want, make it clear how to buy It. Keep the buying process simple. Make how to buy, or take the action you want, easily understood. If you want them to take an action that will lead to future sales, tell them.

"click here" for more information.
"Click here" to sign up for free report.
"Click here" to sign up for newsletter.
"Click here" to purchase.
"Click here" to see special purchase companion bonus.

Make available a statement assuring your visitor that the payment process or signup is secure. Whether they are making a purchase today and giving financial information, or completing a signup for information. Help them to understand their information is safe whether it is financial or personal.

Offer several methods of payment and you will increase your sales. A lot of people are more at ease making payment with Paypal. Include Paypal in addition to credit card payment options.

Make it clear who you are. Provide contact information. When your business grows to where your budget allows it, an 800 number will add another element of credibility.

If you are offering a guarantee, explain it so it is clearly understood. Guarantees will also increase sales.

Security logos and testimonials both can help to raise the level of your visitors faith in your business.

Do you offer a bonus, a percentage off, or free shipping with a certain dollar purchase? If you offer any of these incentives, make them clearly visible.

How will the merchandise be delivered? will it be an electronic delivery, or is it something that has to be shipped? If your merchandise requires shipping, provide a link to a page with shipping options and information on the time it will take.

Once you have done enough business to really get a fix on the concerns and questions your customers and visitors have, put up a FAQ's page with the most common questions and the appropriate answers.

Invite inquiries from your visitors. Did they find what they were looking for? Do they have any suggestions? Did they find their visit worthwhile? Yes, you'll get some flames, but you may also get much valuable imput about your market.

Each visitor is a premium that you pay dearly for in money, time, or both. Value each one,and give them value during their visit. For those who are not making a purchase, offer them something of value that will link them to your site, leave them with a good experience and a reason to return.

By anticipating the concerns of you visitors in regards to buying online and providing the appropriate information it is very likely you will see an increase in your number of sales and actions.

A person coming to your store either from an advertisement or from organic search is targeted to what you have to offer. Forget about fancy splash pages. They are slow to load, and most people are in a hurry and want to get to what they are looking for Make your entry page attractive but forget the splash. Few people are impressed. A survey recently reported that four seconds is all the time we get to capture our visitors interest.

The process of getting visitors to your online store is costly either in time or money or in both. Value your visitor and get the most out of their time at your site.
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