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How Easy Is It To Get Started In Direct Sales?

Aug 17, 2007
Joining a direct sales company is one of the most common ways to get started in a home business. It's a way to earn money from home that predates the Internet.

But the questions must arise: How easy is it really to get started? How do you pick the right company?

It is very important to think about what you want to be doing when you start any business. Making the wrong choice can leave you feeling frustrated and unmotivated. The right business is something that you will continue to feel enthusiastic about.

One of the advantages to joining a direct sales company is that there are so many options out there. It's not just Avon and Mary Kay, although those are still very popular choices. You can sell all kinds of things through direct sales companies.

Joining one of these companies also means you are likely to have support. In fact, one of the things you need to consider as you choose an opportunity is how good a mentor you can get. If you get someone who will help you build your success, your chances of succeeding greatly improve. But if your upline prefers to ignore you, you'll have to figure it all out on your own.

You should always do some basic research on any company you are considering joining. You will want to check with the BBB. You will want to check them out on forums to see what people really think of the company.

You will also want to know what you have to do in order to be considered active within the company. Are you required to make purchases for your own use? How much do they want you to make in sales? Some companies have requirements that can make them very expensive to be active in.

You will also want to consider how many people are working the same business or similar in your area. You do not want to join the same opportunity all your friends and family are in - that's your warm market and if they're already in the company you're going to have to find all your customers from scratch. Sometimes local markets can get flooded with reps from a particular company.

You also need to think about how you will be willing to make sales. Do you want to do home parties or are you looking for something you can do all online because you aren't that comfortable in face to face sales?

Can you sell online at all? There are some companies that don't let you mention their names online at all. This puts you at a severe disadvantage online, since you can't sell, and it makes potential recruits fear a scam. You have to decide if you can cope with such restrictions if they come up.

One of the big advantages is that most opportunities don't cost that much to get started. Even if you aren't required to buy products to get started, it's generally a good idea to try some out so that you can give genuine recommendations. Your enthusiasm will be a major selling point.

Don't mistake any opportunity for easy money, no matter how enthusiastic your upline is about the potential. No legitimate opportunity can guarantee you a particular income, and generally speaking it takes a long time to build a profitable business. You have to be prepared to wait for the results you want, even when you're working hard and doing everything you can to get customers.
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Stephanie Foster knows from running http://www.homewiththekids.com/ that working at home can be a realistic option. She invites you to take a look at the direct sales opportunity listings she has on her site.
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