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Top Ten Reasons To Buy Steel Buildings

Aug 17, 2007
Steel buildings have long been a preferred form of enclosure for many businesses. There are several reasons for this, as they provide several advantages over buildings made of wood or concrete. Below are the top ten reasons why steel is often preferred over these other materials.

The first reason is the cost. Steel buildings are often cheaper to manufacture, and can be customized to fit a number of business needs. Because of this, they are able to accommodate a variety of business types, and are often used by first-time business owners.

The second reason is that they require very low maintenance, low upkeep cost, and low insurance costs. A business is expensive enough as it is to run, so saving money is an attractive option all around. Insurance is usually purchased at a high premium, so this is often another selling point.

The third reason is the warranty. Steel buildings can have a 20 paint warranty, as well as a lifetime structure warranty. This can be especially important if your business is in its early stages. Here, you will want to save as much money as possible, and having good warranties can help you do that.

The fourth reason is clear-span versus multi-span. This can make it easier to obtain exact building widths as desired.

The fifth reason to consider steel buildings over wood or concrete ones is the safety they provide. Because they are made of steel, there is less chance of sustaining damage caused from fire, winds, or other natural disasters that can occur.

The sixth reason to choose steel buildings is that they will make pest control easier, especially when compared to other materials such as wood. Termites and other pests don't find steel as enticing as wood, so, therefore, won't inhabit these structures.

The seventh reason to choose a steel building is the flexibility options it will provide. It is much easier to expand your structure when using steel buildings than it is to add on to a wood or concrete one. It is also cheaper.

The eight reason is that pre-cut steel material is more conventional than conventional construction materials often used for other building types. This is a major selling point, especially for business owners who are just starting up.

Reason number nine is that you will be able to choose from a variety of pre-engineered blue prints for city, county, and state. This will negate the need to hire someone to draw blue prints, and will save you time as well.

The tenth reason to choose steel over wood or concrete is that it provides you with better options for a great exterior look. Here, you can choose from brick, slate, or stucco. No matter which way you go, you will have a strong structure that will withstand elements, cost less, and last for many years.
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