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Get More Readers for Your Articles! 4 Tips & Tricks You Can Use Today

Aug 17, 2007
If you're anything like most people, when you take the time to write articles, you want them to be read ... and the more readers the better! However, you might be surprised to learn that formatting has a huge effect on readership. Good formatting draws attention, increases comprehension, and aids memory retention. Here are some fast and easy ways to turn formatting to your advantage and draw more readers to your articles.

* Start with a snappy, compelling title

Does your title grab the reader's attention? Does it promise good information to come? Your title should be a tantalizing tidbit that hints at the meaty info just up ahead. Many article writers aim for titles with numbers, like "10 Ways to Write Better Titles" or "5 Reasons to Rewrite Your Titles Today". A promise of immediacy is also appealing to readers, who like to know that the information at hand will be immediately relevant and helpful.

* Break up your article into short paragraphs

Short paragraphs make it easier for your readers to enjoy your articles, particularly if they're reading on the web. Because people tend to read more quickly when scanning on a screen, short paragraphs and self-contained bursts of information are easier to follow. Your readers have limited time -- help them get to the point quickly!

* Use bullet points or numbered lists

Give speed readers something to work with! A series of short, easily-scanned headlines will also make your articles easier to read, understand, and remember. Readers will come into your article knowing what to expect. And they'll have a convenient memory aid to help them take away the major points.

* Include appealing photos

Since about 40% of people are visual learners, your articles will be much more successful if you include pictures! Visual learners understand and retain information most easily when it's presented with a visual aid, like a diagram, an illustration, or a photo. Just like a teacher prepares lessons to help the information appeal to all students, a publisher should seek to incorporate various types of media so the information will appeal to all readers.

Additionally, polished images help a page look more professional, enhancing credibility. And the additional spark and color they provide will draw attention in the first few crucial seconds when a visitor clicks on to your page. Today, photos can be had for very little or no money at all. Imagine that -- free photos for your articles.

Make your articles shine!
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Salim Jordan is an entrepreneur and web content developer. His most recent project is Plinkme.com , a new type of stock photography site offering free, unlimited photo usage. Article writers browse hundreds of photos, and bring colorful images to all your pages with just a few clicks.
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