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Misconceptions About Working From Home

Aug 17, 2007
Research has estimated that by 2008 15 million people in the U.S.A will be "working from home". This means that roughly 5-10% of the population will have found a way to conveniently work from the comfort of their own home.

In Canada you can safely double or even triple those numbers. Thanks to current social & economic trends, many people have shifted to become more open to the working from home concept. In fact to many it is a dream come true.

The equipment needed for setting up a home office is easy to find, relatively inexpensive and most of the time extremely user friendly. Also nowdays, People are seeking more flexible schedules for many reasons. There has also been a trend towards not appreciating having to answer to some superior who governs their every move.

Is this possible? Or are we just fooling ourselves by thinking it can be done with success? Well, the answer is yes and no. You'll notice that hrough the generations negative associations have been linked to certain things, people or places. These beliefs have transcended through time and have been handed over to generations as golden rules that cannot be challenged. Most of these beliefs are difficient in any physical or fully researched evidence.

Allow me to explain the above; in my research I have come across many articles & written pieces regurgitating the same misinformation stating that all of the work from home businessess & those involved in them are doomed to fail.

Stating that you work from home is not normally associated with a wow! or how did you do it response. Infact and quite frequently, the reflected thoughts are those of you must be a bum with no real job. Unless you drive a crazy top of the line car & live in a mansion, then the thought trend is that you just must be involved in some sort of illegal business.

I usually like to give this example; in the medical world, and through the ages, when a surgery is successful it is believed that it's so because the surgeon was an expert. However, when the surgery fails or there is a negative outcome, not infrequently will fingers point at Anesthesia. I bring this up because we all know of the Anesthesia related deaths from the early days of Ether(1846), still and 161 years later; the number 1 fear people have as they undergo surgery, where someone will cut into them and literally mess with their insides, is the fear of the misconceived fact that they might die from Anesthesia.

The error is this: although it is true that during 1846 many people died from anesthesia, people are reluctant to believe & trust that Since then, other very hard working people who were very dedicated to the ultimate well being of humanity advanced in research and in understanding of the human body so much, have been successful in establishing the modern day safe Anesthetic.

In relation, we have been lead to believe that what ever a home business involves, its not a real job & that it will and has to be easy money. As a result they slack off & stop working hard enough expecting to magically make money! and when the money situation deteriorates or the business fails they immediately call it quits and claim that they have been scammed.

These disaster stories then travel around and rumors develop, the rumors then become facts and facts are believed. And as we attract what we believe, guess what ends up happening? Having said that, every now and then someone comes along who believes they will make the difference & challenges theses so called facts.

Some, who are few but factual but still have the right attitude, become successful & others, by repeating the errors and mistakes of others, and by believing these misconceptions, simply repeat history.

Here are some facts I found interesting:
A recent study showed that of those who claim to work from home 25% spend less than one hour on their office work when working from home, 53% spend less than three hours and only 14% put in a full eight hours. And you ask why most home businesses fail? It is not because some one has scammed some one. It is because we as humans have some internal faults built in us & without recognizing them,and correcting them we trip and fall.

We, by default, refuse to feel failure and deflect the reasons that caused our failure on to the external uncontrolable environment, hence the common phrases of (I was scammed, it was a bad company, my mentor was useless...etc)

Expectations without preparation & participation will lead to ruin.
About the Author
Dr Iman Ashour is 30 years old and resides in Halifax, Canada. She works mainly from home and as a member
Of the Fourpoint group, she is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives and is invloved in helping the business oriented establish a health and wellness solid, successful and viable home business.
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