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The Delight of Being Random

Aug 17, 2007
I love taking time as I work online to get a little random. There's so many things to discover online, and if you take your entire day too seriously you miss it. Of course, the catch is that if you spend too much time following random links your entire day vanishes.

But how do you find random things? It really isn't all that easy.

One of my favorite ways is to simply start at a page that catches my fancy, then follow any links that may interest me. Remember that movie, "Six Degrees of Separation"? I don't know how many clicks it is now, but when I was in college about six years ago, it was estimated that any given webpage was something like 11 clicks away from any other.

Obviously it doesn't take very long to get completely off topic when you're going random. It's fun.

Just pick a page, any page. It can be one you visit daily. It could be a bookmark you haven't visited since you dropped it into your favorites. It could be a page you found under some search term on your favorite search engine. Follow links on the page and see where you go.

You have to do this with the sense that you will get somewhere, not try to stay on the same site. Staying on the same site is easy. Getting to a site you wouldn't have expected... now that's fun!

This is probably fun to some people along the same order as reading random words in the dictionary. I know a lot of people who get sucked into reading various words just because they happened to need to look something up. Reading randomly online is much the same principle.

Of course, some sites themselves are great for random wandering. Just think about YouTube. Considering the huge range of videos, you can keep yourself busy watching your computer so long you miss your favorite television shows. Or whatever it is you do when you aren't being random online.

Yes, wandering randomly online can be a bit of a waste of time. But that's really the point. It can be a way to relax and explore your interests. Or you can learn about topics you'd scarcely given a thought to. It's up to you and your sense of play. Well, that and the amount of time you can spare. Can't play all day, after all.

When you blog, this habit can be quite beneficial. New inspiration, new article ideas, new blogs to comment on. All for a little time invested and played with.
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