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Creating The Right Plans For Starting A Small Business

Aug 17, 2007
Starting a small business means you should have a clearly etched out business plan. Planning ahead means there are more chances of achieving success. It ensures the growth and survival of any business. Whether a corporate house or a small business being run by an individual, a group or even a family, a business plan is the backbone of starting a small business. Various dimensions are included in a business plan. This article discusses some of these.

You must first understand the basic objective of your business. Your objective needs to be realistic, unambiguous and simple.

The next step for development of your business plan would be to describe your services or product. You must give the full details of each of these services or products that are being offered by you. These salient features should include taxes, pricing, shipping, time involved and delivery charges.

Next in line comes the setting up of a financial goal. However, there is a word of caution here. You should never set up unrealistic goals. Set up only achievable goals. If you really do not have any idea about how much your business can yield then you must run the business at break even points within four to six months of start up.

Your plan should have a clear list of available resources. These should include raw material, manpower, machinery, finished product, and your knowledge and domain expertise. Each of these available resources should be used in the most effective way. This way the business overheads will be reduced.

A major part of your business plan should be identifying the market. You should know where and how big your targeted market is. This is extremely essential because you will be getting all your revenues from here. In fact you will able to produce better services and products if you know your market well and have spent a considerable amount of time researching it.

Once the market has been identified, you need to work on the marketing plan. Your services and products can be promoted in various ways. However in order to do so you have to shell out some money. Try out the most cost effective campaign by making maximum use of posters, leaflets and banners. Classified advertisements in newspapers also work. One thing that you must not forget is that word of mouth is also a good way to get your business promoted.

A good financial plan is an important aspect of every business plan. Any business needs a certain amount of investment in the form of running or fixed capital. Therefore you need to calculate your capital requirements after you complete all your other plans. A financial reserve should be kept at least for the first six months of starting a business and only then should you think of starting on the next leg of the business.

Starting a small business means that your implementation of the plan should be extremely strategic. It should involve properly working on a daily work schedule, management responsibilities, promotional and marketing schedules, carefully monitoring the progress and reviewing the schedule.
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