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BUM Marketing: 3 Secret Tips For Anchoring Your Article's Rankings

Aug 17, 2007
So you've done your keyword research, written a great "BUM" article based on a decent related long tail phrase and submitted it to EzineArticles. A short time later, the article starts ranking high in Google for your phrase, bringing your article targeted readers - many who continue on to your site through your bio-box.

But then, just when you start to get excited, your article starts to drop and eventually disappears from its first page ranking on Google. Sound familiar? If so, here are three secret tips to help you "anchor" your ranked articles' listings and keep the free search engine traffic coming for longer.

1. Build Incoming Links To Your Article

The main reason your article gets so much search engine attention at first is because of all the incoming links at Ezine Articles it gets on the day it is posted. After it moves off the new article list though, all those site-wide links disappear. Your article's rankings will start to drop soon after, unless you make-up for those lost links by creating your own inbound links to your article.

For example, if you have your own websites, instead of reposting your article on them, post your article's Ezine Articles link on your pages.

2. Social Bookmark Your Article

Another way to create more inbound links and help keep your article ranking high is to post your article's Ezine Article link to social bookmarking sites such as Del.icio.us and Furl. Be sure to tag your bookmark with related keywords and use a headline that includes both your main keyword phrase and a call to action.

3. Submit Your Article's RSS Feed To RSS directories.

Another powerful but underused tool is your RSS feed for your Ezine Article's author account. You Ezine Article's RSS feed should look something like this - http://ezinearticles.com/members/rss/Author-Name.xml - where "Author" and "Name" are replaced by your first and last name of your Ezine Article's author account. This feed can then be submitted to dozens of popular RSS feed search engines such as Icerocket and Feeds2Read, creating many more inbound targeted links to all of the articles in your author account.

Keep in mind the above techniques can be used to help keep your rankings high not just for articles posted at EzineArticles.com, but for any articles, posts or classified ads you have created for your BUM marketing efforts that have started showing up in the search engines. Using the above tips to create more inbound links to your ranked BUM marketing articles will help hold those rankings for a much longer time in the search engines, greatly extending the effectiveness of your article writing and marketing efforts.
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