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The Benefits of Being a Picky Affiliate

Aug 17, 2007
Affiliate marketing is perhaps one of the most affordable home businesses to get into. Too many people translate that into easy, no work, no effort, and so forth, and start throwing up links to every affiliate program they can in an attempt to earn money.

You hopefully won't be surprised to hear that that is not the best strategy for most people. You're far more likely to succeed as an affiliate if you have some focus, both on your goals and on the products you would like to sell.

Some people take this so far as to just throw up a site covered in banners, then sit back and wonder why the money isn't pouring in. But I'm not talking about those affiliates today. If that sounds like you, however, please rethink your strategy.

Start out by thinking about what you want to promote. You want to balance good commissions with products you are interested in promoting. It is much easier to promote things that you understand, especially when you're starting out.

Stick with good companies. Losing commissions because customers keep returning the product is no fun at all. You want the companies you affiliate with to make happy customers.

You will also want to make sure the company has a good record of paying affiliates. If you think constant customer returns hurt, try not getting paid for the sales you make!

In many cases you will be working with merchants through third party affiliate networks such as ShareASale, LinkShare or Commission Junction. These help, since they only get paid if you do. You can still get cheated of commissions working through such sites, but you cut the odds down somewhat.

One of the benefits of focusing your efforts can be that you make more sales through a particular merchant. If you're successful you have some ability to negotiate for better pay. Show what you can do and merchants will want to keep you happy.

Being picky about what you promote can help you to build a good reputation too. If you run a website, and especially if you have an opt-in list, your reputation is very important to your business. If you only promote high quality products, you can build a solid reputation, and your visitors and subscribers are more likely to trust your recommendations. That's another way to increase your income.

Nothing is sure in business; certainly not in affiliate marketing. But you can help yourself to succeed by being picky about what you promote and focusing appropriately on those categories and merchants. A good reputation goes far online.
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Stephanie Foster blogs at http://www.aspectsofhomebusiness.com/blog/ about running a home business. She covers information on affiliate marketing as well.
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