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Living Wholesale Success The Laziest Way Ever- Secret!

Aug 17, 2007
For many of us playing lotto, scratching money tickets and hoping for some kind of miracle is part of a daily ritual. If you get shown a business opportunity you may try it for a few months and if it does not work, even if others are making a very well living at it, we say it just does not work- it is a scam! You ask Ricky Martin and he may still agree is just La Vida Loca without singing it.

Business is truly rough when starting if you are a newcomer, especially if you want to become a power seller on eBay. But do you really need to sell thousands of items to become financially secure and package all those dollars and cents of commissions at the end of each month when finishing accounting? Are there other smarter ways?

There are two hugely successfully ways to achieve fast and simple money through eBay without having to sell or buy anything. Anyone that dares to try the following secrets should stay addicted to them every single month.

It should be a real secret, a secret because I am 99% sure you never had a clue on how to invest totally nothing and turn into $1,500 or a higher profit ranging in the five figures for 12-18 minutes of work once mastered.

Have you been dumped from work for extreme negligence? Are you late for a mortgage payment and have the bank on your back every week? How do you pay your credit card debt in a possible and potential 12-18 minutes of work on average?

The in a nutshell formula to be deleted soon- is that you need to go to eBay. You should find a section on eBay that goes by the name of What Is Hot. Once arriving as my last minute check, I got the February report. Once you see the February report, as a PDF- you will search for high price ticket items in order for this secret to work.

As a special favorite, you should search for high priced collectibles. Cards, Stamps, Coins and many but many others that are of joyful need for a special collector. Can you imagine what President Ulysses letters and stamps go for? Say one for $100,000 right now on eBay. Do you think a fan of John F. Kennedy will buy a printed original stamp? A $5,000 stamp of him is being shown on eBay as of the moment I write.

Now, should I stick with stamps, coins and the ones shown as example here? No, look for other high priced ticket items of collection. Key here it must be rare, it must be very limited in quantity and it surely needs to be out of the retail market being sold anywhere offline in the local shop in order for this process to really work.

What do you do now? In a very in a nutshell explanation for the sake of this article- you play the middleman role. Send an email to the seller and tell him that you can buy his entire collecting high priced inventory. All of it for a special price, but that you need 48-72hrs to come up with the funds for it.

You then go to an online database of paid newsletter subscribers that want to receive information on specialty collectable items. You pay a fee for sending 2,000-3,000 emails on leads that are subscribed to their system and assure yourself they are not SPAM addresses. They are actually a few database online that are reputable and that are worth it.

What do you finally do? You work yourself a higher price with the paid newsletter subscribers from that worldwide special database and increase or easily double the price per unit so the gap is big enough so you pay your car issues or your mortgage payment for few month or a whole year depending on the item selected. Once they agree to pay you your fee, you contact the eBay seller by phone or email and finish the deal.

Deals like this take place on a monthly basis. You use the power of a joint venture without having to carry a product or sell anything yourself to make a hefty commission from few minutes of work. At first it could be a pain, but later on it should work if you are patient enough.

The majorities just quit at the first try and shout -waste of time- in their minds without full effort- that is why such secrets these days can be revealed. Many people unfortunately will scan eBay and later deduct and conclude that it does not work, that is why I am an extremely to show this- the majority will not put to practice their own formula with such process. So, if you are worth $0.00 per hour now or are in negative $0.00 right now, does it take money to make money?
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