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Mortgage Lessons Learned From Man's Best Friend

Aug 17, 2007
They say that a dog is man's best friend. Why? Because dogs have this uncanny ability to love and support their masters at all times, even under the worst of circumstances. It doesn't really matter if it's a good day or a bad day...dogs will still be there. Dogs will bond with their owners and stand by them through thick and thin.

And why do we love dogs? Well, we love dogs because unlike many of our human friends and contacts, dogs are absolutely positively 100% loyal.

There are some important lessons here from our canine friends as you build and grow your Mortgage Business. The lesson...never, ever underestimate the value of loyalty. It's also important to remember that loyalty cuts different ways.

First, as Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers you need to be loyal. Returning to the same Lenders, Appraisers, Realtors/Agents, Processors, and other suppliers of goods and services you need, can result in your receiving additional incentives and savings.

Everyone has an appreciation for your return business and many are willing to give you their best prices and service in exchange for your loyalty. As a result of the loyalty you display...you become their businesses "best friend."

Second, loyalty also extends to your customers and clients. By your making a real effort to understand their situation, stand beside them, help them through good times and bad times, provide valuable unsolicited information, and dedicating yourself to providing an impeccable service level, you develop lasting relationships that can pay huge dividends for you over time.

As you know, the mortgage world can be a very mercenary place. It probably began early with your choice of employers and "the best split you could possibly negotiate." It's easy to get caught up in the idea of using a Lender that "pays you the most money," or quoting a mortgage rate that "benefits you and not your customer." Or it may be as easy as contracting for services that "may be less expensive" but are slow to respond. Those tendencies should be tempered by your understanding of the long-term advantages of showing loyalty to your customer first, and then the individuals and companies that you do business with.

Third, are you receiving the mortgage training and support that you need to survive in the mortgage marketplace? By being loyal and promoting your broker/employer you all deserve the tools and training necessary to help with your success.

Ask yourself these questions: 1) Does my current broker/employer provide marketing material to promote my mortgage efforts? 2) Are there regularly scheduled "learning" meetings and not just the old traditional ho-hum sales meetings? 3) Are there mortgage leads that I can use in my business from company promotions? 4) Is my current broker really interested in my success?

There's no reason to be loyal to an individual or company that isn't treating you right and/or doing their very best to serve you and your customers. You are not a dog and you don't owe your loyalty to any particular master.

When you can demonstrate your loyalty...and, it makes sense to do so...it can produce some amazing results.
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