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Promoting Your Business Using MySpace

Aug 17, 2007
There is a world of potential available to you on MySpace, if you are looking for a way to network, and to promote your business or your website. There are unlimited options available to you with this advertising and networking medium, because there are no costs involved with creating a profile, and from there, there are a world of possibilities.

Creating a MySpace profile for your business will bring about a lot of free exposure, opportunities for networking, and the potential for tons of growth. There is more to taking advantage of MySpace for networking than simply creating a profile and hoping that people will see it. Consider the following a primer on getting starter, an introduction to the world of MySpace marketing.

If you want your profile to stand out and to attract people to it, there are some fairly basic things that you will need to keep in mind. For example, one of the most important things is that your profile must be quick and easy to load, because nobody wants to navigate through slow-loading animations and various other unnecessary elements.

Another factor worth considering is to keep the website simple, using easy-to-read fixed backgrounds to avoid any possible visual distractions. You should also try to avoid using filler in all of the descriptions on your MySpace profile page, by including as many facts as possible in as small a space as you can. You can easily expand upon your profile by highlighting information via the blog feature.

Your profile should include as much information about your company as you feel is pertinent, so that a browser will know everything that they need to know after visiting a single time. When it comes to inviting friends, you should look for users who have interests relating to your business, or browse the friends lists of profiles which are similar to yours.

There is no harm in adding as many friends as you would like, because they still have the opportunity to accept or decline your invitation. The more friends you add to your list, the more exposure you will receive because not only will your new friends be browsing your MySpace profile, but so will their friends!

There are many ways to market your products and business without spamming users on MySpace. MySpace has a wonderful feature called 'Bulletin', which allows you to post messages which are broadcast to every person on your friends list. You can also do a great deal of advertising through your blog, simply by talking about the products or your business in detail.

Users can subscribe to your blog to ensure that they are remaining up to date on your business' progress. You also have the power to leave comments on the profiles of other users, but this is one of the more spammy options because you generally should not want to leave advertisements on other people's profiles.

The best way to advertise using your MySpace profile is simply to keep your profile up to date, broadcast news about your business using the Bulletin feature, and share details about projects and your business in general through the blog. You are guaranteed to gain a lot of network contacts and interested people simply through keeping your profile friendly, easy to read and up to date.

A popular method of advertising on MySpace has been to create dummy accounts, dressed up to look like real accounts but with the addition of a large amount of spamming. This is a very bad idea, because once MySpace administrators wise up, you will more than likely find yourself banned from the website. There is no reason to go overboard, because MySpace is all about networking, browsing profiles and meeting new people, so you are sure to make a great deal of new friends, simply by providing a profile that is worth looking at.

In conclusion, if you are not already utilizing MySpace as a networking and advertising medium, you are seriously missing out on a great deal of exposure. Create a profile for your business and your products today, and you will find the interest in your company growing exponentially in no time!
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