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How Your Internet Business Compares To Shopping Malls In Your Traffic Building

Aug 17, 2007
Almost all of us like going to the mall, Whether its just browsing around or buying something for ourselves or someone else or shopping for the holidays or a special occasion. Now you are probably asking the question What does this have to do with internet marketing? But just bare with me.

There is a long process to building shopping malls. You got to do the market research, find the location, draw up the plans, and finally build the mall and do some advertising to attract the customers. Ok will you get to the similarities on how this relates to my internet business? and I will.

Like I said earlier there is a long process to building shopping malls. The first way your internet business is similar to a shopping mall is that, like the people who built the mall, you have to research your market first, and you do that by doing your keyword research and finding out, How many people are searching for the product you are trying to sell.

First the people has to find a location and get an address for the mall and give the mall a name before they can build the mall. How this relates to your internet business is that your location is your web hosting which is your space on the internet and you would have to register a domain name which is your address.

Now before the mall is built, the people will need somebody to design the mall, and they would hire an architect, and how this relates to your internet business is that you will usually hire a web designer to build your website.

Now the people finally got the shopping mall done and now what? People are just going to come and we are going to get rich. Wrong! Just because the people built the mall and put it in the right location does not mean they will attract customers. They have to advertise the mall and how that relates to your internet marketing business is that if you build your website and not do anything you will not attract any customers or visitors to your website.

There are more similarities between shopping malls and your internet marketing business. The shopping malls advertise by placing ads in the newspapers and how it relates to your internet marketing business is even though you are online you can use offline strategies like placing ads in newspapers like the shopping malls.

Another strategy the shopping malls use to attract customers is they use radio advertising. Now you may think that probably you do not have the budget for radio advertising but it is just a suggestion not a requirement and they also may use tv advertisements.

Another strategy the malls will use is direct mail. They will get customers that have shopped at their particular store in the mail and put them on a mailing list and send them a advertisement of a sale. How this relates to your internet marketing business is that you can send a direct mail advertisement and send people to your optin page and collect their email addresses and follow up with them using a auto responder.

Now you can use all the strategies above like the shopping malls do and be a great success in in your internet marketing business but remember their is another similarity between shopping malls and your internet marketing business. Some people just look and some people buy and some people just leave.
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