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Never Ever Buy Another Info Product Again

Aug 17, 2007
Are you aware that every info product you have bought is compiled of info you can find for free online?

That's correct! You are essentially paying for free information. It's true that you may find the odd tibit or secret that has been proven through an internet marketers testing. Mostly though, the ebook or audio course is old info.

Think about it! Tell me something that you have read in an ebook that hasn't been written about online - on webpages and blogs.

Don't get me wrong! I still buy ebooks myself and will continue to do so but don't think for one minute that the information therein is new.

What you and I are paying for is the packaging and most times we are buying because someone else has told us that this particular ebook is going to change our lives. The sales copy draws us in and compels us to buy. We are sold on an idea. The emotion that drives us is a 'want' for something better. The illusion that we can get this through buying this persons' product has won over again - even if this is the 100th time you have purchased with no results.

So where do you find this free info?

One of the best places to find it in online discussions forums. There is a place called the Warrior forum where many top internet marketers hang out. They frequently drop their 'secrets' there. After all, they want the world to know how bright they are. If you do a Google search for internet marketing forums you will find many.

Another area to look for free info is on the blogs of internet marketers. Again, human nature dictates that we find it hard to hold back when we have an audience. So take advantage of this failing, spy on their blogs and other free online publications.

Article databases are filled with articles revealing every internet marketing strategy that has ever been thought of. Use the 'search' function at these databases to check out your particular area of interest.

Did you know that internet marketers frequently give away their stuff for free? If you visit any of the top marketers sites you are sure to pick up a freebie. Of course the free course is designed to entice you to buy their other products but now that you know this you won't feel so driven to buy - not!

Now that I have just revealed how you can indeed get started and continue your business without buying any info products, anyone reading this is going to take notice and do their own research, right? Wrong! 99% of you will still keep buying and continue to blame crappy products and unimaginative internet marketers for your lack of success.

99% of you will continue to buy the illusion because the reality that you may have to do some work is just too scary to imagine.
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