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How To Start Out In An Online Business

Aug 17, 2007
Probably the hardest time for the new online business entrepreneur is the crucial starting out period. One minute you feel excited, ready to take on the internet world, and make millions of dollars in the process... and next minute you're utterly disappointed at the results (or lack of) as reality starts to hit home. It's really confusing in the beginning with all the information and sales hype being thrown at you and it's very easy to lose motivation and want to give up.

My story is no doubt the same or very similar to most other "newbies". I was broke, and desperate for extra income, security and a better way of life. I started checking out the internet and looking at different work at home businesses for quite a few months. Finally, I decided to dive in and purchase an opportunity/program/system that promised the world, but it gave very little support and sent me further into debt.

Disappointed, I found another opportunity that seemed genuine and the answer to my prayers. But that was an even bigger flop than the first product. I was starting to believe that there was no hope, until I "stumbled" across the third system. Somehow, I just knew that this one was different. Great products with multiple-income streams, a real person, a real phone number, most of the set-up stages done for you, the best training and support system around, and they even "told it like it is". That is, that the business requires persistence, hard work and time to be successful. At last, honesty.

First step for you is to decide and formulate some goals for your internet home business. Do you want to build this into a part time or full time business? Are you looking for an extra income, say $500 to $1,000 per month or do you want to build this to $20,000 per month? No matter what you decide, just realise that this is a real business and not a hobby. It doesn't matter if it's a part time, on the side business. You treat it like a real business that's operated on a smaller scale. Work is required, as is persistence, good systems, and an investment of time and money

Next step is to work out your budget. I'm talking about budgeting your money as well as your time. We live in a busy world with lots of commitments such as work, partners, kids, friends and sports/hobbies. You probably feel like you just don't have any spare time to run an online business as well. If you really care about your future you will MAKE the time. Sit down with pen and paper and jot down all the usual activities that make up your day. Now write down 2 hours (at least) beside "internet business" and then allocate times next to all the other activities. If you normally watch TV at night, I'm sure you could forgo that. TV is not that important in the "big-picture" scheme of things. Also, if you normally have 9 hours sleep per night, try having just 7 or 8 hours instead. You'd be surprised how easy this is once you get into the routine. And you actually feel more refreshed and energised because you're getting more done and achieving your goals.

As for money, just work out what you can afford each month and stick to it. But be flexible enough to change it as the need arises, especially as the business grows. Don't get side-tracked and over spend on the next best thing, as tempting as that is.

Next, you'll need to set up some simple systems to keep things running smoothly and easily. I suggest you have a filing system for all your paperwork, invoices, receipts, etc. Set up a computer database that lists all the programs, memberships, and subscriptions that you belong to and include username, passwords, whether they have a monthly fee or once-off fee, and any other relevant info. You'll also need to keep a track of all income and expenses for tax purposes and to monitor the progress of the business. This can be done with a simple spreadsheet or more complex programs like Quicken or MYOB Accounting.

Now it's time to work out a marketing plan. The sky is the limit with this, so I won't go into great detail here. What I can say is, learn as much as you can from forums (Warrior Forum is one of the best) which offer loads of great tips and advice for free. Initially focus on free methods of advertising: writing and submitting articles; submitting your URL to search engines and link directories; free classifieds; Traffic Swarm; Instant Buzz; and set-up your own blog and add content regularly.

And finally... focus on what you are doing. Just do one job at a time and do it well. Get your business running smoothly and profitably before you add more products and services or branch out to other niches. Don't get "sucked-in" by all the hype and promises of quick easy wealth and jump from program to program. Be patient, consistent, and persistent, take massive action and never ever give up. Results will come.
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