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Your $100 E-Book Business- Fast!

Aug 17, 2007
One of the things I love about internet marketing is the relationships I have with people all over the globe. It's a lot like traveling, but I get to stay in sunny Texas and "talk" to subscribers and customers who are shoveling snow in Michigan, sitting around a wood stove in the black forest of Germany, or braving the wind and rain in London.

I'm fascinated by the various ways that people live- aren't you?

If Wimberley, Texas were to be hit by a major snowstorm that required shoveling snow, it would be a major disaster. We can't drive on ice- we don't know how and our cars aren't "set up" for it. Half an inch of snow is sufficient excuse to shut down the schools.

And yet, in much of the world, winter is just another season. People shovel snow, scrape ice from their windshields, check their snow-tires, and go about their day.

Recently I received an email from another Texan. His question sort of surprised me- "How much money should I put aside for my e-book business?"

I had an e-book business for years before I realized that I had an "e-book business."

My strategy is to identify a need or find a way to solve a problem, then package that solution and sell it. I write e-books, I record audio courses, and lately I've been making video courses.

But, I did have an answer to his question. He found the information valuable- maybe you will, too.

How much money do you need to start your ebook business? I started mine with less than $100

First you need an ebook. Some people make this way too big a deal. Remember, most people are "newbies." If you had to learn something, odds are somebody else is having to learn it, too. Write about what you learn.

You can write a list- for example, 69 ways to satisfy your husband... or 144 ways to cook spinach...or 37 internet predictions.

"How to" books are easy, too. I like to learn something new, and then "hammer home" that new knowledge by writing an e-book to teach it to others. Teaching is a great way to learn.

Interview books are quick and painless. Call somebody on the phone and interview them. Record the call. Have it transcribed. Bim-Bang-Boom, you've got an e-book.

Get the idea?

Next, you need a website. I use Microsoft frontpage to build mine. If that's not your thing, go to E-Lance and let the starving web guys bid on the project. Should cost less than $50.

According to many pros, even if you can build a website yourself, you're better off out-sourcing that and concentrating on creating products. That's a lesson I'm still trying to learn.

You need a domain. Go to Go Daddy and buy one. They're about $8.

I collect domains. I own almost 40 now, and I'm still shopping. Every time I think of (or over-hear) a great domain name, I run to Go Daddy and register it.

When the time comes to market a new product, I go over my inventory of domains- usually I have the perfect domain already registered. Then I just forward that to my sales page- no hosting fee.

You need a clickbank account. That's gonna run you $50.

It takes a little time to learn how to use clickbank, but it's worth it. They handle the cash, send out affiliate checks when other people sell your e-book, and mail you your money twice a month. It's a bargain.

At that point, you've got a product, a sales page, and a way to collect the money and handle your affiliates.

The next step is to make money.

The most attractive way to do that is to do a Joint Venture with somebody who has a huge list. The easiest way to do that is to have a relationship with one of the gurus. They're real human beings, and relatively harmless.

Get to know them.

How do you get to know them?

Seminars are the best way. Email works, too.

Every guru I know at least glances at every JV offer he gets. Some of the busier ones have a staff guy go through them first.

If you can build a relationship before you make your Joint Venture offer, you have a much better chance of connecting with your offer. Find out what your target guru is interested in- find some common ground- and start with that.

I certainly read all of the offers I get. You never know when that million- dollar idea is gonna land in your inbox.

If you've done all of the above, you've got an E-Book business.

About the Author
Pat O'Bryan is the CEO of Practical Metaphysics, Inc., Director of the Milagro Research Institute, an award winning songwriter, recording artist, visual artist, author, video producer and internet marketer. He is the host and promoter of the "Your Portable Empire" Un-Seminars.
Work at home, or from anywhere - http://www.patobryan.com
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