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Dealing in Laptop Computers is a Dream Come True

Aug 17, 2007
The huge advantages of starting a business dealing in laptops are not always appreciated but consider the following points:

Laptop portable computers are easy to store. It is possible to operate the business from a single room. They take up minimal space and several could be stored under a bed.

They are always available from liquidation merchants and other specialist trade sources at prices which allow good reseller profit margins. It is a cash-doubler business for those who are quietly operating this business from a home base.

Laptops are easy to pack to sell by Mail Order. Take up to four under your arm to your local Post Office and using standard parcel rates and insurance the cost to fulfil orders will be a pittance compared to the profit potential.

However, unless working from a cramped room, be professional and send the order by courier service. After all, the profit margin is huge enough to allow for a "Free Delivery Service".

Laptops/notebooks purchased via from a repo or liquidation source can often allow for a mark-up ratio of 150 percent. It doesn't stretch the imagination to calculate how much could be made each week from just a couple of re-sales that might allow for doubling your investment on each transaction.

There are of course warranties to be considered and how to deal with any faulty returns. However, there is an easy way to resolve those issues to everyone's satisfaction. Just make a complete replacement and send the faulty one back to the supplier. If you only needed to do that three times in a whole year it would equate to a very small percentage of your total sales volume.

Sales of laptop computers and software remains buoyant despite recent peaks and troughs and shows no sign of reaching a peak. In fact it is growing worldwide at a staggering rate. More and more men and women will be needed to help in the promotion and marketing of computers and computer related products.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro in the computer business, it is essential when writing to the suppliers and other contacts to type your letters on your business letterhead. Many wholesale suppliers will only deal with established dealers.

Some suppliers will need proof of your credentials as a bona-fide trader, but there are legitimate ways for beginners to meet the criteria by obtaining a referral through any long established dealer who already meets that criteria.

Naturally some essential guidance should be obtained from the many sources avialable online to help new dealers. Also the knowledge to meet the necessary requirements enabling purchases at trade prices is vital. You will often come across some wholesale ads which specifically state "Trade Only". Therefore, you should write on printed business headed notepaper first.

To operate the business during the initial stages, you will need nothing other than a couple of duplicate books for sales and purchases. When progressing into trade purchases you should have made sufficient profits to up-grade your business and to afford the costs of ordering printed business letterheads.

There is definitely no hard-selling involved. Enthusiasm and a little common sense are really all you need to make a good livelihood from the business.

Dealing in laptop computers has truly been a dream come true for many. Could it be the answer to your dream too?

Copyright 2007 Harry S Richards
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Harry S Richards provides computer trading dealership guides, courses and sources from his website at: http://www.beauforts.uk.com. Harry also runs a Trade Mart at http://www.themartuk.com
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