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Using Reprinted Articles for Free Website Content

Aug 17, 2007
Updating your website is an all-important component in attracting repeat visitors. The more often you update your website with new content, the more frequently visitors will return to your site. Aside from updating all of the content yourself, or paying someone to do it for you, you can also include royalty-free articles in your website, blog, or ezine.

This is an easy alternative that does not require any registration or subscription in order to obtain reprintable content. If you have a website about landscaping, for example, you could update your site daily with one or two new articles about landscaping techniques or case studies. You can get these articles from a single article directory, or download them from several different directories. Almost all article directories allow their articles to be freely redistributed or reprinted, provided that the links and "About the Author" resource box are left intact.

You can search for a landscaping category within the article directory, and then copy the articles onto your computer. You can format the articles to fit your website layout and upload them periodically to your website. You get free content targeted to your website visitors that has been chosen by you.

When reprinting these articles, be sure to check the redistribution guidelines you must adhere to. After all, these are intellectual property and the wording should not be altered in any way. While you are usually free to alter the layout, font, and colors in the article, the text itself should not be edited in any way and should be shown in its entirety. The most important thing to include is the Author's name, website link(s) and any other information listed in the author's resource box.

Some of the bigger article directories have thousands of royalty-free articles on a wide range of topics. Many of these articles are less than two years old and have been written by professional article writers and authorities in their respective fields. Be sure to only select articles that have been written well with few or no grammar, spelling, or syntax mistakes. While there are many insightful, well-written articles; there are also a great number of thinly-disguised sales pitches and pure spam articles.

Reprinting articles relating to your other website content and theme is an effective and easy way to keep your website current. You can also include these articles in any other email or ezine marketing that you do, provided you follow the redistribution guidelines.
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