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How Will You Launch Your Work at Home Business - With a Whoosh or a Whisper?

Aug 17, 2007
You've done it. You had a great idea that was translated into a business plan, and now your work at home business is almost ready to show the world. It's almost time to finally put all those hours of preparation to the test and open your doors to clients. But how will you announce your arrival to the local business scene? What kind of launch will your work at home business have?

Many people who run a work at home business just roll along naturally from one step to the next, from the conception of an idea that could possibly form a business to the first client. One day you're brainstorming for your work at home business's USP, and then you're signing people up as clients for projects or entering sales into your financial spreadsheet software. This definitely constitutes a "whisper" of a launch. It's not quite a secret because people know about it, but it's not a "hey look at us, we're here!" announcement either.

At the other end of the scale are the work at home business owners who plan their official launch with an almost military precision! They decide far in advance which date the business will actually launch and work towards getting everything else ready in time for this date. Press releases are prepared to inform the public and media about the business and what it does, why the owner set it up, and any special launch offers that have been created to tempt the first customers into buying products or signing up for services. Sometimes this kind of "Whoosh" launch will also have the work at home business owner offering some kind of refreshments and entertainment to mark the launch date and grab the attention of the media where they'll get some free publicity for their business.

Right down the middle of these two extremes is how most work at home businesses are launched. They work at preparing their business until it's already to be operational, and then they send out a few press releases to announce its arrival on the local marketplace. On the launch date, they may either go out for a meal with a few family members and friends, or have a small social gathering at home just to mark the occasion and make a toast to the success of the business.

Which way is the right way? Well, really there is no right or wrong way - as long as you get your work at home business from the initial idea to the start date without too many delays it doesn't matter whether you whisper or whoosh your way into the local commerce sector. How you then celebrate crossing the start line is up to you - and your budget. Whilst most work at home business owners would love to have the free media attention, their budget doesn't run to the kind of hospitality that sort of publicity requires and so they work with what they have. No matter what your budget size is however, a press release which announces that you are now open for business, and gives details of any launch special offers, is the absolute essential part of your work at home business launch!
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