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How To Build Your Online Business Foundation

Aug 17, 2007
For some people, setting up an online business could be fun and very exciting, but for some people, it can be quite challenge.

Understand that start a web business is not that easy, there are many things you have to take into consideration, such as,

- How to find excellent products?

- How to selling online?

- How to set up and build a website?

- How do people pay for products or services online?

- How soon will I make some real money?

This above small list has scare many people away at the beginning because they think it just too much and too challenge. Yes, if you do not have foundation and certain knowledge towards to online business, then start an online business is tough.

One of the best way to build your online business foundation and get things going is to sell other people's products and use their websites, which does not need you create your own product or to have your own website. This is called affiliate marketing.

I find this business model extremely helpful for my future online success because this method allows you link directly to an existing website and sell another person or marketer's products. Once a product sold, you will receive a fee or commission payment. Your role here is to market the products and send traffic or visitors to other people's website, the site owner will handle all the payments as well as products' delivery, so you do not have to worry about this part.

Based on the fact, many 'experts and gurus' in the market said, when they first time start out, they are just an affiliate and sell other people's products because it offers them a wonderful opportunity, and their business can be fully operational in a matter of minutes. In some cases, it really cost you nothing to set up.

Affiliate marketing is a good starting point in building the foundation of your online business success. However, before you jump into this business, you need to be careful in terms of selecting affiliate products; good and high quality products will increase your chances to make money.

Following are some guideless, which are the basic you might want to take into account when you read the sales copy on a website where you interested to sign up as an affiliate.

1. Does it look like a professional web site or does it look poor?

2. Does the sales copy really 'sell' its product to you?

3. Is there a powerful headline on the site?

4. Is the whole message about the product convincing?

5. Is there a good guarantee in place?

6. Do you really "know" the product?

Let me explain number 6. It is hard to judge a product just by read its sales letter, if you want to know product better, it is important to order it and see what it contains in the content. After that, based on your own opinion, you can start to tell people about the product.

If you tell your readers that, you have bought products and you really believe it will benefit them. Doing this, the chances of making the sale could increase.

So affiliate marketing is a brilliant business model with few start-up and running costs.

Plan your business well and spend time each day learn more about it and marketing techniques. As you learn, apply them to your practice and accept that not everything you do is perfect at first. But at least you take action, have started, which raised the distinct possibility for you to become a successful marketer soon.
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Ann Liu, internet marketer and author of "Online Profiting: Easy Ways To Start and Build Your Own Online Business". To learn how YOU too can succeed in Internet and affiliate marketing, please visit http://Marketingbyann.com
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