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Teen Jobs . . . Where Do You Start? 5 Simple Guidelines!

Aug 17, 2007
Looking for teen jobs? Maybe summer work? Or after school?

The good news is that there's a strong demand for teenagers who want to work hard. And good money to be made. But you're not going to get it just by wishful thinking. In fact, you have to be prepared to work for it.

However, if you go about your teen jobs search the right way, you can dramatically move the odds in your favor by following some simple guidelines.

1. Look at many options. Don't limit yourself to one particular job or one special employer. Go around to several businesses in your area and pick up employment applications. While you're there, look around. Get a feel for the operation. Is it a place where you could feel comfortable working? What would your fellow workers be like?

2. Do some basic intelligence gathering. Get some information about the organization and what they're looking for in a successful employee. Probably your best source of intelligence is to ask people who are currently working there.

3. Fill out all the applications correctly and neatly. Remember, this is the first exposure you'll have to an employer. So you want it to be one that makes you look good. Speaking of looking good, dress neatly when you return the application. Ask to speak to the manager so he/she can put a live face to the written application. Being memorable helps a lot.

4. You pick the one that's right for you. Not all applications will be accepted. But if you've approached several businesses, the chances are you'll net two or three invitations to come in for an interview. It's there that an employer will make a hiring decision about you. And when you're picked, that's the time to decide which opportunity is the best one for you. There's nothing like having options!

5. Look and act like a pro! You get one shot at making an impression on an employer. When you meet face-to-face it's make or break time. So dress neatly. Look the employer directly in the eyes with a smile. Have a firm handshake. Answer questions enthusiastically. And be sure to say that you're honest, hard working and have a habit of showing up on time.

Look. Teen jobs are readily available these days. But only to those who can give the employer the reassurance that you will fit in as a productive member of the team. Only you can communicate that. Don't presume that an employer will figure it out. You need to be assertive in promoting yourself.

For teen jobs, employers are looking for someone who's trustworthy, on time, has reloiable transportation, a team player and eager to learn. Present yourself that way and you practically guarantee yourself a good job!
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