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How To Let Your Voice Out

Aug 17, 2007
Even though all of us have ideas that we would like to share with others, but most people, for one reason or another, never find an opportunity to do so. Perhaps it is because the busy lives keep us away from beginning a meaningful dialogue.

In the past, people kept a permanent record of their thoughts through writing diaries or journals. It has been always popular especially for those who are reluctant communicating with others by using spoken words.

Writing offers people a chance to express their most private thoughts; they can either keeping them in private or publishing them through various venues. Such as use magazine, newspaper and book publishers. These media have traditionally looking for material from private individuals and keeping the public informed.

Since the information (internet) age started in 1986, internet has become the primary source and place for people looking for the information. To share the thoughts, ideas and opinions, blogging method becomes more and more popular nowadays towards communicating with others.

Blogs are internet websites (web-based) that allow people to publish their ideas. It is available to anyone as long as you have an internet access with a keyboard to type

Blogs get their name from the term of "weblogs", and those who either begin, or maintain a blog, or add content to someone else's blog are "blogging". The articles in a blog are called "posts" or "entries", and those who provide them are "bloggers".

By its meaning, blogs actually is a mass communication tool that should not be underestimated. Political candidates have found them extremely useful for using as their campaign tools; corporations use them as a way to judge public's attitude and feedback towards to the products or services; individuals use them to post their own things, thoughts and opinions. It can even give people a "gathering place" to develop the ideas that capable of overthrowing governments and changing the history.

And the best of all, blogs can reach to a worldwide audience in a very short period of time.

If you just want your blog to substitute for a diary, to keep it entirely private, and only allow close friends and family to view it, you can do it.

If you want it as a repository for your family's memories, allow them to access and share their activities or add photographs. You will be able too. Because many blog sites provide you with password-protect function in your blog's back office, so that only people to whom you give permission can view it.

Whatever you want to do with your blog, whatever you want the results to be, you can do it.

To achieve blogging successful, it requires both commitment and passion. Express your unique voice through your blog to communicating with the rest of world is a fun thing to do. Just let that voice be loud and clear, and you will be heard.
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