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Why Do Oil Rig Crews Get Half The Year Off?

Aug 17, 2007
Work offshore on an Oil Rig for just half a year and get paid for the whole year? Sounds too good to be true, but that opportunity is available in offshore locations worldwide. The problem for new entrants to the industry is that these jobs are rarely advertised.

You'll rarely find vacancies listed on oil company websites or in search engines. Why? Because now the growth is so fast that employers recruit crews via the "Walk-in Interview". It saves time and keeps rigs fully manned.

Opportunities to work offshore worldwide have never been greater. The demand for new crews is almost at a peak. The major players in Gas and Oil exploration in the North Sea, Europe, the USA, South East Asia, and even China, have recently launched their expansion plans to drive earnings growth in 2007-2008 and beyond.

Most offshore job-seekers may never know where the next "Walk-in Interview" is going to take place. It's almost like "speed dating" except that you only get one chance to bring along your passport and a copy of a recent payslip.

Even entry-level jobs are available within the industry, but you should have some similar shore-based skill or experience that can be adapted.

Rig workers get four hot meals a day, all you care to eat. Seafood and steaks are on the menu often. Snacks, cold drinks, and fruit juices are provided 24 hours a day.

Between working hours there are plenty of satellite programs and videos to watch, served with snacks and cold drinks. The larger corporations, go out of their way to provide all the comforts of home. Some even have Gym rooms and Saunas. Another perk is that you can call home anytime you like via satellite phones.

For the new entrant, previous offshore experience is not a requirement, but it helps. All applicants are considered on an individual basis, and once you get some basic offshore experience, you have the key which will open many doors for you.

It's getting that initial piece of experience which sometimes presents the biggest problem, but there are legitimate ways around those problems.

If you have prior military service, or are still in the military, you will be able to use your military training to your own advantage. The military offers a great deal of excellent training, and some of it can be taken into account for deployment in the offshore oil and gas industry.

For example, if you are a mechanic in the military, you will probably have diesel and hydraulic experience. Many things offshore operate hydraulically, pneumatically, and are diesel powered.

If you worked on jet aircraft or helicopters, then you have some excellent experience to offer. Turbine engines are becoming more common all the time as power plants offshore.

Do your research and learn how to meet the hurdles, and a worthwhile career in the offshore Oil and Gas industry could be waiting for you.

Those with a keen interest should explore the untold array of offshore rig opportunities covering oilfields in the UK North Sea, Europe, The Gulf, Asia, and many other parts of the world.

For the offshore rig worker, the greatest benefit is the time off. Where else can you go to work and get two weeks out of the month off? The time off presents a truly wonderful opportunity. Could this be the career for you?

Copyright 2007 Harry S Richards
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