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How to Deal in Computer Repossessions for Huge Profits

Aug 17, 2007
Why not consider dealing in repossessed and liquidated personal computers and laptops? It is a business that can be operated in any democratic country in the world.

It's a very simple business and there's really nothing to prevent anyone from starting their own liquidated resale business just as many others have done.

The chance to produce an annual income from a home based operation, or even from a commercial unit, reselling computers and software for profit is a definite possibility. Not only that but there are resources available that give vital information relating to locating valuable liquidated merchandise at rock-bottom trade prices.

Unlike most other businesses which require a great amount of starting capital, there is a proven method that can be used to make money almost from day one. No fancy premises are required. Very little capital is needed, as it is possible to start with just a couple of notebooks to resell and then to accumulate seed capital from initial profits made which can be as high as 150 percent on liquidated items.

The business is unaffected by slumps and recessions which tend to hurt most other businesses.

Sales of computers and computer software remains buoyant despite recent peaks and troughs and show no sign of reaching a peak. In fact it is growing worldwide at a staggering rate. More and more men and women are needed to help in the promotion and marketing of computers and computer related products.

If you haven't done any selling previously don't be concerned about it because there is no shortage of eager, willing buyers. Online trade-training in this field is available too.

All you need the desire to make regular cash profits. There is definitely no hard selling involved. Enthusiasm and a little common sense is really all you need to make good money in the business.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro in the computer business, it is essential when writing to the repo liquidators to type your letters on your business letterhead. Many of the listed contacts will only deal with trade and some will need proof of your credentials as a bona-fide trader, but that's easy to esatblish in a single day.

To operate the business during the initial stages, you will need nothing other than a couple of duplicate books for sales and purchases, but when progressing into trade purchases you should have made sufficient profits to up-grade your business and to afford the costs of ordering printed business letterheads

Your stationery can build up your image or tear it down. Never write to any source in handwritten form.

Give it some serious consideration because you now have the tools to make a start as a computer repo dealer.

Copyright 2007 Harry S Richards
About the Author
Harry S Richards has traded in pre-used computers for over a decade. Visit his website at http://www.beauforts.uk.com. Harry also runs a Trade MART at http://www.TheMartUK.com
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