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Successful Podcasting For Dummies Like Me

Aug 17, 2007
Have a script but don't read from it. Listeners can tell both ways: if you are just flying from the seat of your pants, or... all... you... do is speak like this all the way through your podcast. Both ways can be annoying.

Put a little bit of music or a related sound at the beginning and end of your podcast. Like parentheses, these just give the listener with audible cues that your podcast is starting and finishing.

Host a podcast, rather than simply letting it be a sounding board of one person renting on and on. The differences in voices will make for a more enjoyable experience for your listener.

Give headlines at the beginning of your podcast. Tell listeners to expect to hear these 3 things: Number one, number two, number three. That way, they can follow along more easily.

Add value! Podcasts can be a good way to make money, which we will talk about in detail later, but people will only be drawn to them if they actually add value to their lives. Don't use your podcast as a vehicle to only move product or you will find you only need to make one podcast because no one will listen to any more.

Remember that podcasting is an audio format. There are many podcasts out there today that are simply recordings of seminars or trade shows or product unveilings that require in order to succeed.

Learn to speak clearly. Either hire a professional to help you or join a group like Toastmasters whose purpose is to help you speak more clearly. There are too many podcasts today whose speakers have not tried to improve their ability to be understood, and these podcast will not be around for very much longer.

Be excited about your topic!

Whether you are new to podcasting or a veteran this list will help improve your listener's experience.

Niche markets

The secret to successful podcasting, and to the future success of the industry lies in podcasting's ability to service a niche market. Most people can find general information readily available quickly.

What people want is in-depth information, instruction, and entertainment specific to their area of interest. It is easy for them to find a web site that will post all the baseball scores in their favorite division.

What they might be looking for however, is information, instruction, and entertainment related to their baseball team, which might not be readily available at the click of a mouse.

People who want to find out more about the industry, do not want to scour the Internet for a couple hours each day looking for analysis and information and top experts. Podcasting brings all of that to them.
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