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Having Fun With Teleseminars

Aug 17, 2007
As with any other new product or service, people are skeptical about trying them.

They want to wait until more people they actually know personally have tried a particular device and can give them some information. The same is true of businesses, especially small businesses that do not have the funds to take huge risks.

As a result, it has taken many years of research and development for the concept of the Teleseminar to really catch on. Of course, it also required the cooperation of the telephone company whose equipment had to progress enough to allow this technology to become useful.

The evolution of the telephone to what it is today is helping making the world of business and business meetings a smoother road for the employees who must attend them.

The use of a Teleseminar bridges the gap between the cluttered and impersonal Internet and the time and expense involved traveling to meetings in other cities.

Recent advances in technology have it made it possible for the small businessperson and the entrepreneur to set up and conduct Teleseminars at a reasonable price. It would have cost thousands of dollars for these same services just a few years ago.

As new technology evolves and new systems are developed, it will be even cheaper in 10 or 20 years. As with any new technology, the longer it is available, the cheaper it becomes.

As the services become less expensive, more people will be willing to make that initial investment in a sophisticated teleconferencing system. We have already seen that happen with computers, VCRs, and DVD players, which are now a part of at least 50% of households.

When the BETA VHS system came out in the early 70s, it was over $500 to purchase, but now a combination DVD/VCR generally costs under $300. Again, these changes have shaped our world into what it is today, and people who were skeptical about trying these things became comfortable with them. These same skeptics will be the biggest supporters of the Teleseminar in years to come.

It needs to be stressed that the Teleseminar and the Internet do not stand alone as separate entities. In fact, mixed delivery combination of the two as well as other communications tools is paving the way toward the next revolution of information delivery and interactive products and services.

These combined delivery methods with multiple media allow the presenter to offer digital information and personal contact, which provides a more complete learning and relationship development experience.

With the combination of the audio on the telephone and the video that is available using the Internet, the learning experience becomes more complete and the audience will retain more of the information that is presented to them.

In doing this, you have the potential for returning clients since they know by joining your Teleseminar, they will receive clear and concise information.

Another advantage to using telephone calls instead of physical meetings is that they can be transcribed for back-end information products such as audio or video cassettes or DVDs, audio CDs and transcripts. These products open up an entire market for distribution and profit-making ventures.

With the addition of DVD burners, MP3 recorders, and other similar technology, the market is even wider and is growing more extensive every day. What once was a luxury only afforded by large corporations is now affordable and accessible by the average businessperson.

Even the sole proprietor can use this technology to communicate with customers and sales representatives instead of a one-on-one meeting or having to travel to meet a salesperson for a demonstration of a new product or service.

The new technology products make it easy for you or your Teleseminar service provider to make transcripts of your presentation.

Depending on your preference, you can have your Teleseminar recorded onto a website for people to access or you can choose to have it recorded onto a CD and offer it for sale on either your website or another website where you will direct customers who are interested.

Be certain to include these URLs in your handouts prior to the start of your Teleseminar and remind your participants several times during the presentation as well. By offering transcripts of your Teleseminar, you will continue to make money long after the initial telephone call has ended.

Even if you don't want to do a voice recording, you can sell reprints of your seminar through the use of a PDF file, setting it up in a secure format so that customers will have to pay in order to access the file.
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