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Business Coaching - Five Key Factors in Developing Successful Partnerships

Aug 17, 2007
In business coaching there is a lot of focus on the needs of the business for its growth and expansion. First the vision needs to be built upon, and then the objectives, strategies and plans. It is imperative to select the right business coach in the realm of business coaching. Business coaching helps the owner of a business in creating a distinctive business plan with its own identity. It can be operational in any segment of commerce be it traditional business, entrepreneurial start-ups, or e-businesses.

There are many successful business owners who have created powerful alliances and partnerships that have reaped huge financial rewards and enhanced the reputation of their business. If you are wondering how they did it, here are five key factors that you can utilize to develop sound and successful business partnerships:

Understanding the main purpose of the partnership:

Many successful partnerships exist in business due to the focus on mutually agreeable business goals and objectives. In order to ensure this result the partners need to be compatible. This kind of compatibility is primarily determined by having a shared value base. This shared value base needs to be explored properly in an honest manner and openly in order to achieve a successful partnership. It needs to be documented and understood clearly by each party that is involved in it. When businesses have a common value base and vision, the partnerships will be successful. But if they do not share the same views, there is very little chance of things working out.

Spelling out the commitment of partnership:

Successful affiliations and alliances are formed on the basis of partnership agreements. Hence, the agreements should be constructed through a shared process and ought to be entered into in an open-minded spirit focused on providing customer-oriented services, if they are going to be effective. When the partnership understanding reaches a compatibility level, you need to document a plan that will identify the roles, objectives and responsibilities, along with earmarking a clear time frame for completing the tasks.

Having realistic expectations of the partnership:

In order to be successful, partners need to communicate with each other. And not merely when the partnership or business is doing well, but also when there are problems. Prioritizing the management of the partnership is essential, which can be done through talking openly and honestly with each other. Pursuing quality and excellence in partnering relationships can be the main source of mutual satisfaction.

Managing the risks and opportunities presented by partnership:

Risk management and business development are important ingredients of a successful business partnership. There needs to be a dispute resolution process in place. Conflict resolution and problem solving skills should be mastered in order to manage the risks that are involved in working with others. Through the identification of risks and their potential causes, successful business partners devise ways of preventing them from occurring in the first place, and if they do occur they have a process for addressing them. As the partnership develops, business partners that are successful always look out for exploiting and enhancing the opportunities that emerge. This can result in new and exciting service and product opportunities that can be extremely beneficial for the business.

Determining the shelf life of your partnership:

Regular reviewing and evaluation of the progress of the partnership against the accomplishment of projects and objectives is an essential quality of successful business partners. Effective business partners usually set dates for the results they hope to achieve. By doing this the get to know when it is time to terminate a partnership arrangement. Determining the shelf life of partnerships and reviewing it regularly is critical. There cannot be anything worse than being in a partnership that is no longer profitable for the concerned parties.

Business coaching can help you achieve peak performance levels and keep your business skills sharp. When working with a business coach, you opt for being at your optimal best both in life and in business. You should always remember that in order to be successful, you should work in partnership with others. Business objectives can be achieved with and through others.
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