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Starting An E-Commerce Business

Aug 17, 2007
One of the biggest breakthroughs in the world of the Internet is the conception of the eCommerce business. What started originally as a small time operation where each Internet provider partnered with certain companies and billed purchases to the customers Internet bill has now exploded into a worldwide operation where people can buy everything from music to clothing to food to cars and even houses.

There is very little territory that has not been tapped but that does not mean that the market is saturated as it is with other markets because customers are fickle for the most part. Unless you offer something unique, the customer is going to continue to look around for a better price, different color or even different style.

The inception of the Internet has created a world of Internet addicts who may spend hours just trying to find a particular purse in a color that is exactly what they want. What does that mean for the would be entrepreneur? It opens a new opportunity for him to own his own business without having to concern himself with the expense of a brick and mortar store.

Instead of going into a store every day and being faced with irate customers, disgruntled employees and much more, you can sit and relax while people visit your website and purchase the products they want. There is no need for inventory but you may choose to have the more popular items available for immediate delivery.

Even better, you can partner with someone else and become a reseller and you do not even have to do the shipping and handling. The advent of eCommerce gives new entrepreneurs a choice in how they run their businesses and that of itself, means more opportunities for everyone. The advent of eCommerce also opened up more in the area of competition for online sellers.

Everyone knows that competition is good for business and it keeps competitors on their toes, always trying to out do the next retailer. That means each person in the business must perform to the ultimate edge if they expect to draw more sales than their competitors. Unlike the brick and mortar store, online shoppers are fickle and if they can not find what they want in one place at the price they want to pay, they will go to the next online store.

With so many online stores, customers do not feel the need to pledge loyalty to one retailer or reseller, so if you want repeat business, you need to offer service and prices that are unique to that of your competitors. Its not impossible to do but you have to be willing to do the work in order to make your eCommerce business better than that of others selling similar products.
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